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What happened to the crematoriums and what were they used for?

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First, they were used to burn some of the bodies of those who were killed in the death camps. Not all death camps used crematoriums, some just buried the bodies in mass graves, and even those that did have crematoriums buried many of the people who had been murdered when they realized that Allied troops were getting close. Some of the crematoriums still exist as historical reminders, but most have been destroyed.

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What happened to the crematoriums when they were no longer used?

Many were destroyed, others remain intact as museums.

What happened to the crematoriums and what were they used for after the war?

Most of them were designated memorials to the people who were murdered there. A few were destroyed.

How many people died in the crematoriums during the Holocaust?

There were about 12,000 people killed in the crematoriums during the holocaust

What started the fires in the Holocaust crematoriums?

many were wood burning, at Auschwitz they mainly used coke.

What is the plural of crematorium?

The plural is crematoriums.

What did the Nazi use crematoriums for?

cremating things

How were the crematoriums during the holocaust?

Full of burning bodies I suppose

What are the ovens called that dead bodies were put in during the Holocaust?


What has the author C H Beek written?

C. H. Beek has written: 'Cremator design and performance' -- subject(s): Cremation, Crematoriums, Design and construction, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Crematoriums

How were crematorys used during the Holocaust?

the crematoriums were used to get rid of the dead bodies that were in the gas chambers so they could be refilled. and to also get rid of any one that dided of starvation, desies, or were shot.

How many crematoriums did Auschwitz have?

five, though with a varying number of ovens in each.

Do crematoriums give discounts to burn victims?

Now that rait thar is Funny.

What were Adolf Hitler's incinerators?

They were the crematoriums it the concentration camps. When the prisoners died the bodies were burned in a crematorium.

How many creamatoriums were in the holocaust?

every camp and most hospitals had one, as well as regular crematoriums.

What was the crematoriums in Auschwitz?

They were buildings that were both in Auschwitz and Birkenau that had a gas chamber and a room where they burnt the bodies.

How many crematoriums did the Auschwitz concentration camp have?

Auschwitz had five crematoria, but the smallest and oldest of these fell into disuse.

How hard is it to burn a dead body?

Modern crematoriums can do so at a rate of about 100 pounds per hour.

Are bodies at crematoriums burnt together or individually?

Individually, there are state regulations which require each body be processed individually.

When were the Holocaust crematorium used?

The bodies of millions of Jews were burned in the crematoriums at the death camps. Most of the Jews were dead before they went in. Some Jews were forced to work there. Many had to burn their own friends and family members.

What was the purpose of the crematoria in the Holocaust?

Crematoriums are special furnaces designed to incinerate human bodies. The Nazis used crematoriums to dispose of the large number of dead bodies they created by executing political prisoners (mostly Jews) in their concentration camps. This was labeled as the "Final Solution" by Nazi leaders of the extermination program, as it solved the problem of mass graves taking too long to dig and fill. The crematoria at Auschwitz were made by J. A. Topf und Soehne, of Erfurt.

How were people killed in the Auschwitz death camp?

Gas chambers. Firing Squads. Death marches. Crematoriums. Lack of food (Hunger).

What is the the pollution found in Poland and why it is there?

The pollution found in Poland during World War 2 was from the crematoriums where the Nazis were burning the bodies of the Jews.

What were the names of the German crematoriums?

Assuming that you mean the death camps run by the Nazis in WWII:The names of the death camps - in German - Vernichtungslager, were: Auschwitz, Kulmhof, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka and Majdanek and Maly Trostinets.They may have had crematoriums, but this was not how the victims were killed. The victims were either shot, hung, or gassed. The bodies were then either burned in a crematorium or buried in mass graves.

What experiments took place on children in the Holocaust?

They were put in separate dormitories as well as the men and women, but they went in the crematoriums the same way that everyone else did.

What did the Nazi's do after the Einsatzgruppen proved to be too slow?

They built death camps with gas chambers and crematoriums to speed up killing people and disposing of their bodies.

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