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Thom McAn went through multiple changes in ownership and leadership over the years. The brand was acquired by Sears in the 1990s and later sold to Footstar Inc. in the early 2000s. Footstar Inc. eventually filed for bankruptcy in 2005, leading to further changes in the leadership of Thom McAn.

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Q: What happened to the leadership of thom mcan?
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no that comany went out of buisness you can only find thom mcan in kamarts

What Shoe is named for a Scottish golfer?

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How can you contact the thom mcan company?

Thom McAn is a footwear brand primarily marketed through Sears and Kmart. To contact the company, you can reach out to their customer service through the Sears or Kmart website, as they handle Thom McAn products. You can also try contacting Sears or Kmart stores directly.

Who sells thom mcan shoes in Oklahoma?

Sears sell Thom McAn shoes in Oklahoma. There are currently in excess of 30 Sears stores across the state of Oklahoma, as of August, 2014.

How can you contact thom mcan company?

Thom McAn made a runner or sneaker seude shoe in black or tan and sold at kmart stores in Melbourne Australia. They were the most comfortable, good looking shoes I have ever owned I purchased 4 pairs and over the next 8 or so years wore them everyday. I am desperate to find more of these shoes. How can I contact Thom McAn?

Where can you get Thom McAn shoes in Auckland New Zealand?

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When did Melville Corporation close down all Thomas Macan stores in New Jersey?

Most of the Thom McAn stores closed in 1996 when its parent company, Melville Corporation underwent a massive reorganization. Some of the locations reopened under the Footstar name. At the present time, Thom McAn shoes may be found at K-Mart.

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