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loads of people started copying the website so they deleted it.

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why would they copy the site thats dumb

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Q: What happened to the spyro's lair website?
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What happened to spyros lair?

a website on the internet with info on the newest spyro games

When did Spyros disaster happen?

Spyros disaster happened in 1978.

Will the spyro's lair website come back?

spyro's lair might never come back. I miss spyro's lair too.

When did Dragon's Lair - Nintendo Entertainment System - happen?

Dragon's Lair - Nintendo Entertainment System - happened in 1990.

Is there a Jess Lair website?

uh no bla bla bla

When did Dragon's Lair happen?

Dragon's Lair, the video game, was first released in arcades in June 1983. It is a classic arcade game known for its innovative animation and gameplay style.

How come Spyro's Lair doesn't work?

it is because sites like that dont have enouph money! take animasher. it was a good site. but was the kind of site that could tell you if it would stop. spyros lair couldnt. activision got tired of throwing money in it, so it stopped. I think there might be another answer. I will do more research.

Is skylanders spyros adventure available for mac?

Yes.The website is called "Skylanders Spyro's Universe-BETA".

What is the birth name of Spyros Skouras?

Spyros Skouras's birth name is Spyros S. Skouras.

When was Spyros Niarchos born?

Spyros Niarchos was born in 1957.

When did Spyros Moustaklis die?

Spyros Moustaklis died in 1986.

When was Spyros Moustaklis born?

Spyros Moustaklis was born in 1926.