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Drinking became extreme, crime mushroomed, corruption of public officials became rampant, people died from drinking tainted alcohol, people last respect for law, and many other problems were created or exacerbated.

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Q: What happened under the prohibition?
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What happened after the Seneca Falls Covention?

Prohibition and world war.

What happened in St. Paul during the prohibition era?

Nobody knows!

What was abolished under the constitution?

slavery and prohibition, respectively the 13th and 21st amendments

Did Teddy Roosevelt accomplish prohibition?

Nope! The 18th amendment (prohibition of alcohol) was passed under Woodrow Wilson in 1920--even though Wilson was not a supporter.

Where were there no state prohibition laws in 1930?

As of 1930, there were no state prohibition laws in Mississippi and Louisiana. These states did not enact their own prohibition laws in the 1920s, unlike the majority of other states in the US.

Enforcement officers?

Government agents who had to stop the transport and sale of alcohol under prohibition

What civil liberties are protected under the 18th amendment?

None. The Eighteenth Amendment was for the prohibition of alcohol.

What is is to forbid the practice of making selling or using?


Why was amendment 18 passed?

The 18th Amendment enacted Prohibition. It proved to be highly unpopular, and was largely ignored by the population who continued to drink at speakeasies. The crime rate skyrocketed under Prohibition, as gangsters like Al Capone made fortunes bootlegging alcohol. The Government decided to cancel the 18th Amendment as it was ineffective and unpopular. The 21st Amendment repealed Prohibition.

To forbid the practice of making selling or using?


What happened to the butter when placed under the sun why do you think this happened?

When butter is placed under the sun, it will melt.

What is prohibition means?

the meaning of prohibition is {not allowed}