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Q: What happens To the mass of air in a balloon when it is heated?
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What happens to volume and mass in a hot air balloon?

When the air is heated inside the balloon, it expands, causing it to be lighter than the surrounding (and presumably) cooler air. One imagines however, that as the air inside the balloon is heated, some air is forced out (due to expansion), thus resulting in a decrease in the entire apparatus' overall mass (not to mention a decrease in mass due to any fuel's having been used to heat the air in the balloon).

When the air in a balloon is heated what happens to the density?

it becomes low

What happens to a hot air balloon that allows it to float through the air?

Air inside the balloon is heated. Hot air is less dense than the surrounding air, and thus the balloon rises.

What is a chemical reaction that happens when a hot air balloon flies?

A chemical reaction in a hot air balloon can be when the propane is heated up. That is a chemical reaction because something has heated up.

What happens to the mass when magnesium is heated in air?

When magnesium is heated in air, it forms magnesium oxide and so the total mass increases.

What if a balloon is heated what happens to the volume of the air in the balloon if the pressure is constant?

For a balloon that is sealed and not full the volume of air inside the balloon will increase as it is heated. This is not however how hot air balloons work. A hot air balloon is essentially a fixed volume when it is inflated. If the air inside the balloon is heated the air inside becomes less dense so some of the air exits the balloon via the mouth of the balloon. As the air inside the balloon cools it becomes more dense so some air is ingested via the mouth of the balloon to keep it full. With each heating and cooling cycle, the pressure inside the balloon remains constant, the volume of the balloon remains constant but there is this movement of air out of and back into the balloon. P=VT Poop

When a balloon is filled with air is heated does the density of the air in the balloon stay the same?

No it decreases

What happens if the volume of the air inside balloon increases while the mass of the air stays the same?

It stays the same

The air in hot air balloon is heated to make the balloon rise?

The volume of air increases on its heating hence the balloon rises on heating

Inflate a balloon and tie it closed hold it over the flame observe what happens?

If a balloon is inflated and tied closed, then held over a flame, it will surely pop. The heat of the flame will melt the rubber that makes the balloon.

How can you weigh air in a balloon?

Identify the weight of balloon with air. And identify the mass of the balloon. Now subtract the second from the first. You get the mass of the air present in it.

What happens to a balloon on a hot day and what might happen if it gets to hot?

When air is heated, its volume increases. If you fill a balloon with comparably cold air and then let it touch hotter air, the air inside will expand and thereby increase the pressure on the balloon membrane. If this pressure gets too strong, the balloon might pop.