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A bees stinger has a hook on the end, like a fish hook, so when the bee tries to get away after stinging someone it actually pulls the stinger and venom gland out of its body, mortally wounding the bee. A person should scrape the stinger out rather than trying to pinch it and pull it out, which pushes more venom in. The amount of reaction one has from a sting is entirely up to that persons body. It can range from a mild sting and itch to a full blown allergic reaction that closes the persons throat and can cause death.

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What happens if a bee stings?

The bee dies

What happens if someone is allergic to bee stings?

go into a type of potentially fatal shock

What happens to the bee after it stings you?

It dies.

What happens when a bee stings itself?

it dies.

What happens to a honey bee after it stings you?

It dies.

What happens if a honey bee stings the queen bee?

They will both die.

How does it affect a bee if it stings someone?

It dies

What happens if a bee stings a zit?

it will hurt heaps

What happens when a bee stings a person?

it dies it dies it dies

What happens when a bee stings your finger and it swells up?

it dies

Why are wasp stings and bee stings treated differently?

Because Bee stings are acidic but Wasp stings are alkali and bee with bee stings they leave the stinger in you

What are bee stings?

Bee stings are when a bee stinger brakes though skin and Excrete poison.

How many honey bee stings can kill?

1000 bee stings can kill an adult, but 500 bee stings can kill a child. So there you have it. :)

What happens to the stinger of a bumble bee after it stings you?

You will have to get it check Because you could get shingles

Do bee stings leave scars?

Bee stings do not usually leave scars.

How dangerous are bee stings?

it depends on if you are allergic and what type of bee. bee stings can be deadly to some people.

Is a bee sting poisonus?

some bee stings are poisonous. but some bee stings ain't poisonous.

What happens to the honey bee after it stings someone?

What happens to a bee after it stings someone depends on whether it was able to pull the sting out of the victim. If it can, the bee will just fly away and no harm comes to it. By a cruel trick of evolution, a bee's sting is barbed, and animal flesh is elastic and tends to grip the sting so it is likely that as the bee tries to pull away the sting is pulled out from the bee's abdomen together with the venom sac and the muscles which pump the venom. The bee will then fly away, but its injuries are such that it will die from them somewhere between an hour and a day after.

What is the sequence of what happens when a scorpion bites someone?

Scorpions do not bite they usually pinch and only sting if they feel threatend. nonlethal scorpion stings are like bee stings. but more venomous species can kill in minuts

Is there venom in bee stings?

No, there is no venom in bee stings. My friend got stung by a bee , and she's still alive.

When a bee stings you does it get very itchy?

Yes, bee stings often swell and then itch.

What bee die after it stings?

only the honey bee dies after it stings, in about 10 minutes

What happens if a bee attacks a rabbit?

If a bee stings a rabbit, the rabbit will experience pain and swelling in the area of the sting but will usually survive.

How does copper remove bee stings?

it is a special chemical inside the copper that removes bee stings

Can bee stings cause fever?

Bee stings can cause a fever in rare cases. It usually only happens if you have been stung multiple times. It is due to the accumulation of venom. A doctor should be seen.