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Q: What happens as a ball rolls away from you?
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What happens when a ball rolls uphill?

its motion and accelaration are in opposite directions

If a ball rolls foul then hits right corner of 1st base then rolls in after 1st base is it fair or foul?

As soon as the ball touches first base, it is a fair ball, regardless of what happens after that.

Is there a thing called rolling foul in baseball?

Yea. It usually happens if a player bunts the ball and the ball rolls foul after being bunted.

Johanna is studying what happens to the energy as a ball rolls down a ramp. What is she studying Check all that apply.?

Chemical energy

Does the size of the ball effect how fast it rolls?

The size of a ball does affect how fast it rolls. Surface also play a major role in how fast a ball will move.

The speed of ball increases as it rolls down an inclinem What happens to its speed on a smooth horizontal surface?

It's speed will reduce to to friction by gravity.

Why does a ball roll when you blow on it?

The ball rolls when you blow on it because of Friction.

Does sphere rolls or slides?

A sphere rolls because a sphere is like a ball and a ball would roll. Remember round stuff always roll

When thr ball is kicked off and is not touched and rolls to a stop is it a live ball or a dead ball?

its alive

Does the mass of the ball affect how far it rolls?

No because mass doesn't means how it affect far it rolls

When a roly poly rolls up into a ball does it die?


How does a ball move inside a box?

rolls around