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Stratus clouds begin when a warm, moist airmass is forced over a cold air mass, essentially a cold front. This forms the cloud. Eventually, it starts precipitating, which drops all the moisture onto the earth. Then, there's no more cloud afterwards.

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Q: What happens before and after a stratus cloud appears?
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What is the latin meaning for stratus cloud?

The latin meaning for stratus cloud is "spread out". The latin meaning for stratus cloud is "spread out".

What happens if nimbo appears at the beginning of a cloud name or nimbus appears at the end?

What happens if "nimbo" appears at the beginning of a cloud name or "nimbus" appears at the end.

What is the size of a Stratus cloud?

the stratus cloud is this size. 5 kilometers

What is the height of stratus cloud?

Stratus are low

What weather does a stratus cloud bring?

A Stratus cloud is a cloud that brings either drizzle or just plain cloudy conditions.

What is the lowest cloud in the sky?

Stratus cloud

What is a stratus cloud called when it touches the ground?

Here is the answer when a stratus cloud touches the ground it is called a fog.

What type of cloud is a stratus cloud?

A stratus cloud is a low-lying cloud that covers most of the sky. It doesn't usually produce rain; that's the job of the nimbostratus.

Is a layer of clouds called a stratus?

no a stratus is a layer cloud.

Is layer of clouds is called a stratus?

no a stratus is a layer cloud.

What is the name of the cloud that forms fog?

stratus cloud

What is a description for a stratus cloud?

low greyish cloud

Is a stratus cloud part of the cloud families?


Is fog a stratus cloud?

no the stratus cloud is not fog because stratus clouds are flat layered clouds unlike fog which are thin clouds that covers earths surface.

Is A Stratus Cloud A Nimbostratus Cloud?

No. A Stratus Cloud is just a cloud that spreads around the sky. Nimbostratus clouds are the same thing but Nimbostratus clouds have thunder storms in them.

What are the characteristics of a stratus cloud?

It is a cloud that is shaped like a bunny

What cloud type looks like layers?

a stratus cloud

What type of cloud has the lowest condensation level?

the stratus cloud

How high is the stratus cloud?

Stratus clouds are about 6,000 ft up in the atmosphere.

What is a stratus cloud?

a stratus cloud is a cloud that is layered, blocks the sun, is 1-3 miles away from the earth, and means cloudy weather, rainy weather, or snowy weather.

Is the Dodge Stratus known as a cloud car?

Yes the Dodge Stratus is know as a cloud car. Especially because of its shape and all the of its twin cars have similar names to a cloud.

What is a real type of cloud?

Cumulus, cumulonimbus, stratus, nimbo-stratus, cirrus and alto-stratus. Take your pick.

Is a stratus cloud a thunder cloud?

No. Cumulonimbus clouds are thunder clouds.

Which type of cloud signals the approach of a change of weather?

Stratus cloud.

What does the cloud name stratus mean?

i think it means it is a flat cloud.