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A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures conducted today. There are several types of traditional nose jobs that help change the look of your nose. Here are the typical steps you'll take during pre-surgery, surgery descriptions and a few notes about possible revision surgeries. Determining your new nose: After you select your board-certified (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) plastic surgeon, you'll have a consultation with your doctor to determine which procedure is best for you, how they should change your nose and any risks or complications for the procedure. Other things you should share with your surgeon: * Your ethnicity. Some ethnicities have very prominent nose features. Discuss whether you want these features slightly altered or removed altogether. Some patients are concerned about their new appearance if they see their features removed or dramatically changed. * Why you want a nose job. Do you have nose trauma that impacts how your nose functions? Do you have a large bump you need to remove? Do you just want to alter the appearance slightly? Plastic surgeons will not perform procedures on those who only want to feel better about their life and relationships. Those who want to feel better and more confident about themselves are usually the best candidates. Determining which nose job you'll have: A nose job consists of the cutting and re-shaping of the skin around your nose bone and cartilage. Plastic surgeons will use either an open or close procedure to reshape the nose. Both are very similar and each has their pros and cons. * Open rhinoplasty: The external skin between the nostrils is cut horizontally, which allows the plastic surgeon to easily access the areas of the nose that require surgery. There is an extra incision on the outside of the nose, but it is usually not visible once you recover from surgery. * Closed rhinoplasty. Unlike the open procedure, the skin between the nostrils is not cut and the surgeon, instead, makes an incision inside the nose. Post-surgery: What if you don't like your new nose? Rhinoplasty alters a person's appearance greatly and, often, many are shocked at how different they look. Some are happy with their new look and some are not and require a secondary rhinoplasty or a revision rhinoplasty. Revisions are difficult to complete, as you have to handle the scar tissue from the initial procedure. Before you have the initial surgery, be sure to discuss how your plastic surgeon handles revisions. More importantly, be sure to clearly outline your expectations and make sure you understand how your new nose will appear. This will lessen the likelihood of a difficult revision and going into surgery more than once.

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Q: What happens during the nose job procedure?
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What are the risks if you are 15 and really want a nose job and are you allowed to get one?

Insurance will not pay for a nose job unless it is medically necessary. And at age 15, your parents would have to agree to the procedure.

How can one prevent nose jobs gone wrong?

The best way to prevent a bad nose job would be to have a complete understanding of the procedure and the surgeon who will be completing the procedure. Be sure to ask for before and after pictures to get an idea of what your nose could look like.

What is the nose job like and what happens afterward please explain everything?

Less than 0.01% people have problems following a surgical procedure. There are so many procedures which can be decided to suit your requirement.

What's the best procedure for straightening a congenitally bent nose and what is the success rate?

A nose job is about the only way. You'll have to find a good plastic surgeon.

Has Ashlee Simpson got her nose done?

Yes, Ashlee Simpson has gone under the knife for a Nose Job, also known as the Rhinoplasty Surgical Procedure.

Will insurance cover your nose job?

AnswerIt depends on your insurance and reason for having the procedure. Your nose job may be covered by your insurance if your procedure is enhancing the function of your nose (ex: relieving swelling, extreme sinus pressure, or breathing problems, etc). If your procedure is purely cosmetic, the chances of your procedure being covered is very low. Consult your plastic surgeon and your insurance company to determine which financial plan you'll have to follow.Nearly all plastic or cosmetic surgery is considered elective, which means health insurance does not pay for it. This means you need to have a grasp of the full cost of nose job surgery.

What is the medical term meaning surgical repair of the nose?

Rhinoplasty is the term for surgical repair of the nose, sometimes called a "nose job" in common language. There is a less comon procedure called septoplasty. It repairs the interior of the nose.

Should I take out my nose ring before a job interview?

A person should take out their nose ring before a job interview. The best approach is to be conservative, and a nose ring could cause distraction during a job interview.

Did Zendaya Coleman have a nose job?

no zendaya then have a nose job

Did Cheryl Cole have a nose job?

No she has not had a nose job done.

Did Natalie Portman have a nose job?

No, she has never had a nose job.

Does a nose job weaken the nose?


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