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Q: What happens during the primaries?
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What happens during direct primaries?

they have sex

What state was it during the progressive era came up with direct primaries?

New York

When are the electoral votes taken?

During state primaries and conventions of political parties midyear.

The closed-party process for nominating candidates was replaced with during the the Progressive movement?


What is a good sentence for direct primaries?


What happens in the primaries?

Is where you change Natural Resources into primary products. Primary products are considered raw materials for other industries.

During the nomination process political battles are most likely to occur in?

presidential primaries in the party out of power

During the nomination process the political battles are most likely to occur where?

presidential primaries in the party out of power

How are delegates assigned during the primary elections?

Delegates were established in the primary elections during caucuses and primaries. Both a primary and a caucus are indirect elections.?æ Local and state governments organize primaries. Caucuses are run by the respective political parties and delegates are chosen at private events.

In most states committee members chosen by?

party primaries

During the nomination process are plitical battles most likely to occur in presidential primaries in the presidential party?

Within the Democracy

What happens to the number of presidential contenders as the primaries continue?

As the primaries continue, the number of presidential contenders usually decreases. Candidates who do not perform well in early primaries or caucuses often drop out of the race due to a lack of momentum or funding. This trend continues until the party nominates a single candidate for the general election.