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What happens if Confidentiality is broken?

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When confidentiality is broken, a person will lose trust in you or a company. Trust is an important factor of relationships and you shouldn't break that with out having a good reason.

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What happens when patient confidentiality is broken?

the doctor gets sued, I believe it's in the nature of $50,000 minimum payout

When is confidentiality not a breach of trust?

Confidentiality agreements can and more than likely be broken when it endangers your life or the life of others or speaks of any illegal activities.

Can confidentiality be broken without verbal communication?

Of course. It can be broken through action or written word. An attorney who nods or shakes his head is not speaking.

What was the basic decision in the Tarasoff case?

confidentiality must be broken when a client threatens a specific person

How do you prevent confidentiality from been broken?

questionnaires that I gave students to fill in was not too personal and they were anonymous.

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What is corporate confidentiality?

How to prevent Confidentiality?

The right to confidentiality in employment?


Is a psychologist bound by the same confidentiality rules as a psychiatrist?

They are under the same doctor patient confidentiality laws. However if they feel that you are a harm to yourself or to others, they can take necessary steps to stop that before it happens.

When can confidentiality be breached?

confidentiality breached in schools

Why patient confidentiality is important?

Confidentiality is the law.

How would you use confidentiality in a sentence?

It means privacy or secrecy. Here are some sentences.She told me that secret in confidentiality.The confidentiality of the information was compromised.Confidentiality can be upheld in a court of law.The priest must maintain your confidentiality.

Security and confidentiality?

What is the importance of maintaining security and confidentiality?

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How does an interpreter deal with confidentiality?

An interpreter must sign confidentiality agreements for any company he/she works for stating that in any environment where a client is protected by confidentiality laws, he/she will abide by those confidentiality laws.

What is meant by confidentiality?

confidentiality is keeping secret the information and not passed on to others .Confidentiality include ;smoking ;pregnancy and too many more

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