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What are you asking? Have you had a motor accident? Did the other driver have a suspended licence?

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Q: What happens if a driver with a suspended license the registered owner's insurance pay?
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Will your insurance pay your claim if a person with a suspended license wrecked it?

The claim will be null and void at the first instance,if the eventuality happens with a suspended license.

Can you sell auto insurance with suspended license?

With a suspended insurance license, I would not because you will be breaking a law. With a suspended drivers license you can sell insurance.

What happens if you don't have car Insurance in Massachusetts?

You can't drive without insurance. You can get your license suspended if caught.

Can you get car insurance if your drivers license has been suspended?

You can't get car insurance if your drivers license has been suspended.

What happens if I'm driving my friends car and i get into an accident but my license is suspended will her insurance cover the damage?

It all depends on her insurance cover

What happens to you when a driver with a suspended license gets into an accident in your car?

Your insurance rate goes sky high.

Can you get insurance on your car if your license is suspended?

There are some companies that will offer insurance if your license is suspended, your best bet is a local insurance company that represents multiple insurance companies.

Can your license still get suspended if your car was repossessed before your license gets suspended for no insurance if it was before the deadline?

Yes, your license can be suspended and usually is when you receive a ticket for no Insurance. The fact youwere driving without insurance has no bearing on whether you have a car or not.

Can you lose your drivers license for driving in Pennsylvania with a suspended registration?

Your driver's license will not be suspended in Pennsylvania if you have a suspended registration. A driver's license can be suspended for driving without insurance or if you get a DUI.

Can you get car insurance with a suspended license?

No, clearly not.

Can you exclude your spouse from your auto insurance in Ohio if their license is suspended?

You can definitely exclude your spouse from your auto insurance. They shouldn't be driving if their license is suspended so they don't need insurance.

What happens if i missed my court date on a traffic ticket for driving on a suspended license with knowledge in Florida?

if you have missed your court date and are caught driving on a suspended license they will arrest you. My fiancee had a suspended license and was paid up on his insurance and tags and everything but missed his court date and went to jail.