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Q: What happens if a food chain breaks?
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What happens when a food chain breaks down?

when a food chain breaks down, the animals above will not have enough food

Why food chain breaks?

when a process or part of the chain is unavailable it dosent continue

What happens to the food when it is in the body?

it breaks down

How will the strength of a food chain be affected if one link breaks?

if one link breaks the one that eats that link has to find more food

An organism that breaks down other organisms to get food is called what?

food chain or decomposer

What happens to the amount of energy as it flows through the food chain?

What happens is that throughout the food chain the energy stays the same.

What happens if you remove a organism from the food chain?

the whole food chain would be destroyed

What happens if the timing chain breaks?

The engine will stop and other internal parts

What happens when a 1996 Hyundai excel breaks a timing belt?

It does not have a belt, it has a chain.

What happens if the food chain is broken?

If a food chain is broken, possibly, a new one can start!

What happens if a component is left out of the food chain?

If a component is left out of the food chain then something will not be able to eat it. Then it will die, and the component above it in the food chain will not be able to eat it, and will die. Basically, if a component is left out of the food chain, the food chain collapses.

What happens if a food chain changeS?


What happens when energy is lost in a food chain?

a part of the food chain will either die out or will over populate.

What happens if a member of the food chain is killed?

If a member of the food chain is killed, all animals off that chain will suffer in some form.

Who is the last consumer in a food chain?

No one, it's suppose to go in cycle or in loop. If the chain breaks, there will be a problem with the balance of the ecosystem.

When an organism is missing in a food chain what happens to the food chain?

lots of things would all fall apart

What would happen if there's no fish?

The whole food chain breaks and everyone dies.

What happens to a hawk in a food chain?


What happens if a Chevy s10 98 timing belt breaks?

It does not have a timing belt. It has a chain and gears.If timing chain goes out then the engine will not run.

What happens in your stomach with acid?

the acid breaks down your food

What happens to the other predators in food chain?

They die

What happens to food in your in a human stomach?

It goes into the intestines, I believe that the intestines breaks up the food.



What happens when food chains overlap in an ecosystem?

in a food chain and a food web what shows the movement of energy

What usually happens in a food chain if the producer is increased?

it because