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What happens if a girl misses her period?

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There are multiple reasons for a late period. One of the first thoughts that pops into peoples heads is pregnancy, however there are other causes as well. Stress can make your body do all sorts of things from late periods, early periods, multiple periods in one month, spotting, flow change from heavy to light, or light to heavy, & also can make your cycle either longer, or shorter. Bad eating habits can also cause your period to be late. Sometimes though there is no real specific reason for why your period is late it just is.

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Not sure what a pie rd is...but if she misses her period, it probably means she's pregnant.

What does it mean when a girl misses her period?

It most likely means that she is pregnant.

What if you miss your period for 2 months?

What happes if girl misses her period for 2 months is she pernant

Is it possible for a girl to miss her period?

Ofcourse,and if she misses a period this doesn't mean that she's pregnant.

What happens if a girl doesn't get her period?

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What if a girl misses her period and the pregnancy test is negative?

You don't always have your period. Just because you don't doesn't mean you're pregnant.

What if a girl misses her period and is still a virgin?

There are several causes for a missed period. Stress seems to be one of the bigger ones. Another could be an infection, and sometimes it just happens with no apparant cause. If it persists or you have pain you should definitely talk to your doctor.

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Nothing happens seven years after a girl has her period. There's nothing specific about this length of time.

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No. Hormones determine when that happens.

If a girl misses period is she pregnant?

It may be one cause but other factors such as weight lose or stress can play a part, best thing is to go doctors.

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