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Q: What happens if a tribute steps off of their platform too early?
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How many steps can you have before you need a platform or landing?


What is a Minibar?

This is a speaking platform with carpetted steps leading up to it. A talk is given from this platform during midday prayers on a Friday. The speaking platform is often portable so that it can be moved.

How many steps does th ifull tower have?

It has varied due to renovations that have taken place since it was built. When it was built in 1889, there were 1710 steps to the top platform. After renovations in the 1980s, the number of steps increased to 1920. Now there are 1665 steps, although members of the public are not allowed to go to the top platform via the stairs, they have to use the lift.

What are the steps called in a synagogue?

There is no special word for the steps in a synagogue. You may be thinking of the raised platform in the front or center of the chapel which is called a bima.

How many yards does it take to reach the first platform of the eiffel tower?

approximately 114 steps

How many floors does the eifel tower have?

The Eiffel tower has 347 steps to the first level, 674 steps to the second level, and 1710 steps to the small platform on the top of the tower.

What happens if someone steps on your toe?

You get injured.

In basketball when your foot steps out of coart what happens?

its an out

How do you sink floating pool steps?

I use 2 bags of play sand. I put each bag in a giant ziploc bag then swim under the steps with them and place them on the platform.

What are the steps in the water cycle and what happends at each step?

What are the steps in the water cycle and what happens at each step

What time does steps concert finish in Cardiff?

Not early enough

What happens if you do the 7 steps of the scientific method wrong?