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What happens if petrol is put in a diesel car?

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There are a few different views on what happens if petrol is put into a diesel car, ranging from "this is horrible and will ruin the engine" through "if diesel is put in a petrol engine, it will run but misfire" and "it does depend on the make and model of the car" to, most commonly "petrol will kill a diesel engine; don't start it, have it towed to your mechanic, and have him drain the tank and the fuel lines."

Modern diesel engines use the diesel fuel as lubricant for the high pressure pump. The engine itself will run on petrol but it is only a short period of time before the pump is damaged. Petrol is a poor lubricant in comparison to diesel fuel. Generally when this happens the entire fuel system needs to be flushed to remove the petrol and the metal debris from the damaged high pressure pump, then the pump and any other damaged components need to be changed.

Additional damage can also come from pre-detonation; diesel engines run far higher compression ratios than petrol engines, this is due to, in a simplified manner, diesel being less volatile than petrol. The effect is that the petrol/air mix may detonate 'early' i.e as the piston is rising during the compression phase, before the normal ignition and combustion phase. This essentially forces the piston to go back down early and attempts to turn the engine over in reverse. The huge additional forces generated can and almost certainly will be catastrophic for most internal components.

Given the huge potential for damage to your car's engine, it might be annoying but it makes sense to have the car towed or transported to a garage, to have the tank drained and then for the system to be checked through by a mechanic.

2013-09-21 17:06:54
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Q: What happens if petrol is put in a diesel car?
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What happens if your car breaks down because you put petrol into your diesel car?

Gasoline in a Diesel vehicle will do some serious damage to the engine.

What happens when you put petrol in a Volvo diesel engine?

What happens is you must remove the petrol immediately. Petrol or gasoline will destroy a diesel engine.

Can you put a diesel turbo on a petrol car?


What happens if you put fossil fuel in a car?

petrol and diesel are fossil fuels so if you put fossil fuels in your car it should run

Is it bad to put petrol in a diesel car?

Yes, petrol/gasoline will severely damage a diesel engine.

What happens if you accidentally put in petrol instead of diesel?

If you put petrol in a diesel vehicle do not start the engine. Petrol will do serious damage to a diesel engine. You must drain all the petrol out and flush the fuel lines.

What happen if diesel put in the petrol car?

Car will run poorly if at all.

Accidentally put diesel in petrol car?

Have it drained out and change filters

What to do if you put petrol into a diesel car?

Drain it out immediately, DO NOT run the engine.

Can you put diesel oil in a petrol car?

Some oils can be used in both petrol and diesel engines. If it states diesel oil on the container it is not recommended as some diesel oils contain detergent.

What happens if you put diesel oil in a petrol car?

Putting diesel into a car made to take regular gas is a very bad idea. Diesel can really mess up a car's fuel system, resulting in the need for expensive repairs.

What happens if diesel is put into petrol engine vehicle?

It will dirty the injectors a bit and run very rough,if at all. Still, not as bad as putting petrol into a diesel engine .

Can you put petrol in a diesel car?

No,never. if ur going to try..............pls dont.

Why is it harmful to put petrol in a car engine?

Who told you it is harmful? It is only harmful if it is a Diesel engine. If it is a petrol (gasoline) engine then Petrol is what it takes to run.

Is petrol is used in diesel cars?

No, diesel engine require diesel fuel. Put petrol in a diesel engine and you will destroy it.

Is Diesel engine oil bad for a petrol car?

Yes, never put oil formulated for a diesel in a gasoline engine.

How do you avoid to put petrol into diesel car?

You avoid it by looking carefully at the fuel pump and making darn sure you are using the diesel nozzle which is larger than a petrol nozzle.

Can you put gas in a diesel gas can?

You can put petrol (UK spelling) into a diesel container (can) provided the container is empty. It is best not to, though, in case you later empty the petrol into a diesel vehicle's tank by mistake - which could happen if the container happens to be marked diesel on the outside of the container.

What happens if you put 2 liters of petrol in diesel engine with 20 liters diesel?

I would recommend not running the engine until the fuel is drained. Any amount of petrol/gasoline in a diesel can cause engine or fuel system damage.

What happens if diesel is put in a petrol car?

Going Technically, In petrol engines the compression ratio used is around 10-12 (may vary according to model of car) and in diesel engines the compression ratio used is 20-22 (may vary according to model of car and manufacturer). So if diesel is put into a petrol engine the compression ratio of the engine is not sufficient for the burning of the fuel (diesel) so there is no power generated in the engine and also the spark that is induced in the petrol engine will not effect diesel hence at the end, during exhaust the fuel is let out (if exhaust stroke occurs) Basically Power is not generated and the engine is clogged and you might have to remove all the parts for cleaning.

What sort of petrol do you put in a car?

diesel or unleaded dont put in red bull!!!!!! My dads caught on fire coz my bruver put some in!!!!!

What happens if you put diesel into petrol engine?

It won't run. Diesel is ignited by compressing the vaporized fuel much higher than a gasoline (petrol) engine. A SMALL amount will result in very poor performance.

What do you do if you put petrol accidentally into a diesel peugeot 206?

if petrol is about 10% or less fill with diesel and carry on. otherwise remove as much as possible and fill with diesel.

Can you put diesel in to petrol engine?

Not if you want it to run.

What happens if accidentally put diesel into a petrol bike?

The petrol engine will just not run. No damage will be done. You will need to drain the tank, flush the fuel lines, and replace the fuel filter.