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Q: What happens if the code is entered wrong too many times for the CD player?
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What happens if you type in the wrong password in a blackberry 10 times?

you'll die

How come when I sign in to neopets it just sends me back to the main page and not signed in?

you entered the wrong user name Sorry ______________________________ No, I entered the correct username. I have also tried multiple times on different days. -erl893

What happens when a basketball player puts the ball in the wrong basket?

the point goes to the other team.

What happens when a team knowingly sends the wrong player to shoot free throw?

Technical Foul, but it probably never happens.....

Why does your portable DVD player turn of in the middle of a movie while be plugged in?

That has happenend to me to it happens because there is somthing wrong with your cord

Why is your ipod touch saying its disable?

Because you probably entered the password wrong to many times if has one set. Just reconnect it to iTunes, and it should give you more chances.

How do you exit a building you've entered from the wrong side?

That depends on the building.

Explain why validation cannot stop incorrect information from being entered into a database?

Because it just checks if the wrong data has been entered in the wrong field.

How can you make your computer restart if the wrong password is entered to log on?

I don't understand your question. The first answer that comes to mind is to enter the correct password, but surly that's not what you meant. If you mean you entered the wrong password so many times it locked you out, but you now think you know the password, you can try removing power and restarting. If these weren't what you meant try re-asking your question.

What happens when you press the wrong code on your pad more than 5 times?

Usually it disables and you won't be able to use it for a minute

What is a player responsible when lodging a golf score The card is signed but the wrong score is entered in the results section. when the card is sign by both player and marker?

Player responsible for accepting markers scores and his own ,if score is lower than correct...disquilified.....if score is higher it stands

Errors of original entry?

When a wrong figure is entered in the two books of account.