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  • A earthquake would happen!
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What happened if the earths crust move suddenly along fault?

The result is commonly known as an earthquake.

What happens if the Earth's crust moves suddenly along a fault?

A sudden shift of the earth's crust along a fault could result in an earthquake.

What happens if the earths crust moves suddley along a fault?

The sudden movement could result in an earthquake.

What happens to the earths crust during an earthquake?

eart crust is shift in an earthquake

What is the break in Earths crust along which portions of earths crust move relative to one another?

It's a fault.fault line

Why does erosion take place in the crust?

Erosion happens in the earths crust and it happens because of that layer is exposed to that weather

What is the earths crust made up of?

the earths crust consists of large amt of igneous rocks ,along with smaller amt of sedimentary and metamorphie rocks.

What suddenly changes earths crust?

The existing layer will aventually sink and when a volcano or something erupts, it becomes solid and replaces the old crust.

What happens when you go further into the earths crust?

you get hotter and hotter

What happens to the earth's crust moves suddenly to a fault?

A sudden movement of the Earth's crust is called an earthquake.

How do folds form in the earths crust?

along tectonic plate boundaries

What do you mean by volcano?

A volcano is a vent (opening) in the earths crust through which molten materials erupts suddenly.

What happens to the earths crust overtime?

The crust will start to freeze and causes the earth to rotate really fast

Where do faults and folds form in the earths crust?

along tectonic plate boundaries.

Pieces of earths crust that move along the surface are called?

They are called Plates

Movement of earths crust along plate boundaries produces?

Movement of Earth's crust along plat boundaries produces either an earth quake, a tsnami, or either the building of a mountain. It all depends how bad the movement along the crust is.

What often occurs along faults or breaks in earths crust where movements occur?


What happens when earths crust plates push together or scrape past each other?

When earths crust,or plates scrape past each other it causes a earthquake C:

What is the size of earths crust?

The earths crust is 7km thick

What happens at a collision zone?

Folding, Subduction, Upliftment and Displacement of regions of the earths crust.

Earths crust is part of the?

The earths crust is a part of the outermost layer.

What is the term for the sudden movement of rock along fractures or faults in the earths crust?

The term is 'earthquake'.

What is a break or crack in earths crust along which rock shift their position called?

continental drift

What is a break in the earths crust along which blocks of cross slide related to one another?

It is a fault.

How do you get silicon out of earths crust?

Silicon is a mixture of the minerals of the earths crust. so.... silicon isn't something from the earths crust. -thanks for your question.