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It would be of little to no consequence. The "burning" of the sun is not really fire; it does not use oxygen. The sun is instead powered by nuclear fusion, which turns hydrogen into helium.

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Q: What happens if the sun runs out of oxygen?
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What Happens When The body runs Out of Oxygen?

You die.

What happens to your sun when it runs out of fuel?

we would die

What happens if oxygen supply runs out in cellular respiration?


What happens when you burn fuel in virtually no oxygen?

With virtually no oxygen, you can burn fuel for virtually no time before the oxygen runs out.

What happens when sunlight runs into CO2?

the sun turns into gas

When exactly does sun set happen?

Sunset happens when the earth turns you far enough so that the line from your eye to the sun runs into the ground.

What color is photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis isn't a colour. It is a process that happens in plants where the plant turns carbon dioxide into oxygen. Carbon dioxide + Water (+Energy from the sun) = Oxygen + Glucose

How can the sun live when a fire needs oxygen to survive?

The sun is not a fire... it is nuclear fusion being conduct with the hydrogen particles colliding together. So basically once the sun runs out hydrogen it will explode.

What happens to blood when warming up?

When you warm up your blood runs through your blood arteries and creates oxygen for your body :)

Does the gas in the sun have oxygen?

Only in a small amount. About 1% of the sun is oxygen. The sun is mostly hydrogen and helium.

Are there other types of fusion reactions that occur in the sun?

The most common sun reaction that happens in the sun is the hydrogen fusion.Other fusions like complex fusions among nuclei of carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen atoms also produce energy in the sun.

Do you get oxygen from the sun?