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It hurts and you bleed and die.

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Q: What happens if you break a silly band?
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Do silly bandz break?

Yes, they can break easily, especially if you have those small silly bands and your wrist is bigger than the silly band.

Can a silly bandz stretch longer than a rubber band?

no, the silly bandz would break

What happens if your dog eats a silly bandz?

The silly band(s) is gone, but the dog is ok.

Why do sparkly Silly Bandz sparkle?

Silly Bandz sparkle because of how the sparkly Silly Bandz are made. People who make sparkly Silly Bandz add add sparkles and something that makes the sparkles flow around inside the Silly Band as a sparkly Silly Band moves. But, if you break a sparkly Silly Band, you really don't have to worry about it. The sparkles won't spill out of the Silly Band.

What happens if a chicken eats a silly band?

f bit**** get money.

How do you make a tie die silly band?

i don't know but i guess just break two silly bands in half and put it in the microwave.

What happens if you eat a silly band?

Hopefully, if you for same strage reason, eat a silly bland, that it will go through without any problems. Although, if you have severe stomach pains after ingesting the silly band, go to to the ER.

What is the rarest silly band in NJ?

there is no rare silly band

Why is it a bad idea for two people in a band to be dating?

What happens to the band if they break up...

What is a motorcycle silly band?

it is a silly band! Shaped like a motercycle...

Is the man in the chair a rare silly band?

Yes, it is very rare. Make sure you don't lose or break it!

What happens to the elastic band when the force is increased?

The elastic band will start to wear out and eventually break.