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What happens if you do not file an answer to a civil suit filed against you?

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The plaintiff wins the case by default and a judgment is entered against the defendant. A civil lawsuit summons is not a court order per se and therefore the defendant is not obligated to appear. An order of appearance from the court, interrogatories, depositions, discovery motions and so forth are different matters and the person(s) named should always respond. Legal counsel is always advisable in such matters.

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How many times can a judgment from a civil suit be filed against you?

a file can be juged 2 times

Can a civil complaint be filed against someone in another state?

Yes. You will need to consult with an attorney to determine the proper jurisdiction in which to file the claim.

Is civil suit and lawsuit the same thing?

A Civil Suit is a type of lawsuit, therefore they are the same. A Civil Suit can be filed by any individual who is looking to file a case against someone for emotional or physical injuries.

How do you respond to a civil suit without a lawyer?

A proper way to respond to a civil lawsuit Complaint that has been filed is to file an Answer. In this legal pleading, a person has a chance to explain why or why not the counts in the Complaint against them are valid.

What happens if one copyright law is broken?

The holder of the original copyright can file a civil lawsuit for damages against the violator.

Can you file restraining order against a person who filed against you?

You can file for it, but you have to convince a judge to agree with you. However, if the person you are restrained from is seeking you out and/or harassing you, you absolutely need to contact the court for advice. But if you simply want to file a restraining order against them just because they filed one against you, you won't convince the judge.

What if an officer assaulted you with his vehicle?

File a complaint against him, or file a civil suit against his agency or department.

What legal actions can be taken against someone who damages your car with sprayed foam in Omaha, NE?

You can file a claim with your local Omaha police. The police will then find the person and you can file a civil suit for damages to your car which is filed in the courthouse.

Can you file a civil suit against an illegal?


What court do you file a motion to replace an Estate Executor?

You file a motion at the court where the estate was filed.You file a motion at the court where the estate was filed.You file a motion at the court where the estate was filed.You file a motion at the court where the estate was filed.

If the defendant in a civil suit does not respond to the charges what happens?

The plaintiff will win a by default and a judgment will be entered against the defendant. There are not laws that require a person to file an answer or to be present at the civil suit hearing.

What is the past tense of file?

The past tense of file is filed.Filed.

What forms do you need to file law suit against a neighbor?

US states have differing laws concerning the manner and the court in which civil suits should be filed. The best option is to contact the office of the clerk of the court in the county in which the lawsuit is to be filed, or in some cases the necessary information will be on the website of the state where the suit is to be filed.

Can you file a civil suit against a parent of a minor who committed a crime against you?


Can you file a civil suit against the teacher?

You can file a law suit against just about anyone. Winning it is an entirely different matter.

What happens after you file an answer in a civil case?

The period for discovery begins.

How would you file a civil suit against a native American tribe?

The suit would need to be filed in the federal court that has jurisdiction in the area where the reservation is located. If the suit is against individuals who are of Native American heiritage and do not reside on a reservation the suit would be filed in the appropriate state court in the county where the defendant(s) live.

Can I file criminal charges against my contractor for taking my money and not paying his subcontractor who then filed a lien on my house?


Can you file bankruptcy on civil restitution?

In most cases, civil restitution is not relieved by bankruptcy. However, an objection must be filed with the bankruptcy court to recover the restitution.

Can you file charges against spouse for credit card fraud?

No. Charges may only be filed by a prosecutor or the court. You may, however, choose to sue your spouse in civil court for the damages that occurred as a result of the fraud.

Is it illegal to stop payment on a check for unhappy work?

Yes it is. You might end up gettting a law suit filed against you for breach of contract. You should file a civil lawsuit against the contractor in order to be released from any financial obligation related to the contract.

Can you file a civil suit against someone who has been convicted criminally?


When can you file for bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy can be filed at any given time depending on if you have ever filed before and when you filed last. There is no specific date as to when you can actually file.

How can you view legal judgments free?

Judgments are normally filed in the clerk's file at the completion of a civil suit. Clerk's files are public record and open for viewing. Go to the clerk of court for the court in which the judgment you are looking for was filed to see the file, including the judgment.

What happens if you are uninsured and rear-end an insured car but there is no car damage but a passenger gets whiplash?

You are in huge trouble, the injured party can file a civil lawsuit against you.