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what happens if you eat poppy seeds will it make you feel like taking a lortab

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Can hamsters eat poppy seeds?

Hamsters can eat poppy seeds, but not a lot.

Do birds eat poppy seeds?

Yes. Many birds just eat seeds.

Can consumption of poppy seeds effect marijuana testing?

No. If you eat a lot of poppy seeds it can effect a cocaine test.

What happens if you smoke poppy seeds?

Nothing that you would want. Poppy seeds themselves are inert, and contain no opium alkaloids.

What seeds do pigeons eat?

Any really... Poppy seeds sunflower seeds sesame seeds caraway seeds....

Are poppy seeds poisonous?

Poppy seeds of most poppy plants are harmless and edible. However, there are some species that can be poisonous, and other parts of all poppies can be toxic. In short, eat seeds from bagels, not from flowers.

Can eating poppy seeds make you test positive for heroin?

If you eat a lot of poppy seeds you can have a positive test for opiates in general, not for heroin specifically.

Are cardamon seeds anything like poppy seeds?

Cardamom seeds are not similar to poppy seeds.

Is lemon poppy seed cake bad for horses?

A horse could eat a tiny bit of lemon cake, but not poppy seeds. If a horse ingests Poppy seeds call and equine veterinarian immediately.

Are poppy seeds healthy?

Don't eat too much, but its find

What you call gasalu in English?

Poppy seeds Poppy seeds

How do poppy seeds travel?

poppy seeds travel by wind

When was Poppy Seeds created?

Poppy Seeds was created in 1971.

Do poppy seeds contribute to migraine headaches or distortion in vision?

While poppy seeds do contain a small amount of opiate, it is not enough to have any significant medical effects, unless you have a poppy allergy (and people can develop allergies to nearly anything). Normally, it is quite safe to eat poppy seeds.

Are White Peony seeds edible?

NO- the only poppy seed that is edible is the Opium Poppy (papaver somniferum) - all other poppy seeds are toxic.

What happens when you smoke poppy seeds?

just tried it. nothing really happened

Are poppy seeds bad?

Poppy seeds are not necessarily bad for you. Poppy seeds will read as an illegal substance on a drug screening though.

What is poppy seeds in Tamil?

poppy seeds are called kasa kasa.....

Is their a difference between poppy seeds and sesame seeds?

Ye, Sesame seeds are mucilagenous but poppy seeds are not mucilagenous

Do poppy seeds show up as positive in UA's?

I ate a poppy seed muffin and then got called in to work for a random drug test. I told the nurse I ate a poppy seed muffin, she said I would have to eat cup of poppy seeds. So basically the answer is no.

What poppy seeds from?

poppy seeds come from our state flower the golden poppies

What do you call poppy seeds in Hindi?

Poppy seeds in Hindi are called Khasakhasa.

How long do seseame seeds stay in your system?

Sesame seeds? You're thinking of poppy seeds, not sesame seeds. Poppy seeds come from opium poppies and they have very, very small amounts of opium in them. If the test you're taking is turned down low enough to detect poppy seeds--and the current federal screening cutoff for opiates is high enough not to detect poppy seeds--they stay in your system three days. Sesame seeds don't have drugs in them. You can eat them by the pound if you like.

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