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you get one good glass cleaner. add 1/3 part water to make it go further.

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Q: What happens if you mix ammonia with alcohol?
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What happens when you mix ammonia Fe2O3 and H2O2?


What happens when you mix weed and alcohol?

You die

What happens when you mix alcohol and metermine?


What happens when you mix ammonia and chlorine?

Chloroamine is produced from that. Also Hydrazine can be formed

What do you get when you mix ammonia with iodine in alcohol?

If there is some moisture in the system, which there usually is with alcohol, ammonium iodide. Otherwise, no reaction under ambient conditions.

What happens when you mix mariguana alcohol and extacy?

you die

What happens when you mix ammonia and lighter fluid?

What most people call "ammonia" is actually a solution of what chemists call ammonia in water. If you mix household ammonia with lighter fluid, they won't mix. Lighter fluid is probably (mostly) butane, which is not exactly miscible with water. I'm not actually positive whether it's miscible with "real" ammonia or not in the liquid state, but I doubt it; ammonia is polar and butane is not.

What happen when ammonia mix whit air?

Nothing "happens". Well, other than what you said. The ammonia mixes with the air. And then diffusion, I guess.

What happens when you mix calcium hydroxide and ammonium chloride?

yup it makes ammonia

What happens if water is added into alcohol?

You get a mix of alcohol and water You get dull beer.

What happens when Ammonia and iron 3 mix?

2NH3(l) + 2Fe(s) ---> 2FeN(aq) + 3H2

What happens when you inhale bleach ammonia and rubbing alcohol?

It foams up and turns in acid!! Do not touch, or breath in!!