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Snorting pills can cause the medication to come on faster however it is dangerous. Overdose, sores and holes in the nose, sinus irritation as well as lung irritation are some of the associated dangers.

like above, comes faster, may absorb more but this all depends on what drug it "could" make you OD or not depends

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What are the best pills to snort?

DONT snort pills it just ruins your life

What pills do you snort?

You can snort anything in pill form.

What kind of pills can you snort?

You cannot snort any pill

Can you snort diarrhea pills?


Can you crush pills to swallow them?

No,just to snort them

Why do people snort pain pills?

to get high

What happens if you snort sleeping pills?

The answer is the same as if you snort any other drug, it's just a quicker (more painful) way of feeling the drug in your body. Snorting any drug through the nose is immediately absorbed by blood vessels in your nose, which go straight to your brain, causing almost immediate intoxication. So in turn, the answer is when your snort sleeping pills the only thing that happens is you feel them quicker. It depends what drug you snort. Example, if you have ADD and get prescribed Ritalin. If you take them orally it calms you down, but if you snort it, it's like doing coke. Oxycontin/pills without Tylenol in them. If you were to snort Oxycontin it would be like doing heroin. If you were to snort Vicodin you would burn up your nose because of all the Tylenol in it. Sleeping pills.......if it were to be Tylenol pm or any over the counter med it wouldn't even help. All it would do is burn.

What happens when you snort lorazapam?

Do you mean snort Lorazepam?

Can you snort metadate?

Can you snort metadate and if so what happens?

Can i get high if i snort penicillin VK 500 mg?

Yea but you gotta snort upwards of 10 pills...

How do you snort pain pills?

Whole. Thanks for asking!

Can you snort diet pills?

Yes, although it won't do anything for you.

Can you snort any kind of Xanax?

As a matter of fact, you can snort the original Xanax medication pills. According to Yahoo! Health, but it is not a healthy thing to do.

Will a Darvocet burn if you snort it?

You should never snort pain killers/any pills at all. As a matter of fact you should not snort anything it is bad for your body and it could be fatal.

Can you snort teva 74 sleeping pills?

you can snort whatever you want... although i would highly suggest you wouldnt.. for your safety and health(:

What pills can you snort and get high off of?

Adderahl it's for add or ADHD

Can you snort 15 mg morphine pills and get high?

helll ya

What happens if you snort atavin?

It hurts.

What happens if you snort relafen?


What happens when you snort sugar?


What happens when you snort melatonin?

You die!!

What happens when you snort Darvon?


What happens if you snort imipramine?

You die

What happens if you snort medication?

Snorting medication or pills can cause damage to the nasal lining and cause overdose in a variety of numerous drugs. It isn't recommended to snort any pill or drug for this reason. WikiAnswers doesn't condone illegal acts or drug abuse.

What happens if you overdose on pills?

What happens if your overdose on pills