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Switch to longer jewelry if it gets too tight. Keep cleaning it with natural sea salt and warm water. Soak it in just warm water a few times a day to help with swelling. Ice may help too.

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Q: What happens if your Monroe piercing swells up?
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What happens after you bite your tongue?

It swells up.

Can you wear make up after getting a Monroe piercing?

I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up I had a modonna piercing and DEFINATLY still wore make up

What happens when a stoma swells up with water?

It takes in carbon dioxide

Does a Monroe piercing heal faster than a nose piercing?

Yes. If it is taken care of properly it can heal up to two times faster... I have both my nose and monroe done as well as other piercings.

You got a Monroe ring and it close from the inside with the ring still in it what should you do?

Well I don't know how you did that, a ring wont fit in a monroe piercing. I think you have your piercing description screwed up try again.

What happens to a new lip piercing?

it swells for about 2-4 days up to a week sometimes not at all depending on the person and how well you take care of it. sometimes it may spot bleed a little for the first 36 hours.

Can you wear makeup with a Monroe piercing?

Well you can wear makeup by and near your Monroe piercing but keep it away from the piercing it's self, make up tends to cause trouble with *unseasoned piercings (*piercings less than a year old). While we are at it be cautious with facial scrubs and the piercing as well, they can be hard to rinse out of the piercing if it gets into the tissue.

How can you take out a Monroe piercing that is stuck?

Shoot in to see your professional body piercer for some help, they can get the piercing fixed up right away instead of you fighting with it and possibly annoying the piercing.

What happens if you lack iodine?

I believe a gland in your throat swells up, like that of Mona Lisa's.

What happens if a guinea pigs finger swells up?

BRING IT TO THE DOCTOR'S it's the best thing to do if that happens it could be in a lot of pain

What happens if a pierced lip swells up five days after getting it pierced?

It means it's infected!

How do you take a monroe piercing out if its closed up?

Do you mean that the skin had healed around the jewelry? If thats it, go to your piercer to have it removed.