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If you one were to breathe too little, they could feel nauseous, experience headaches or faint. If you were to breathe to much, there would be an onset of hyperventilation, which can cause similar symptoms.

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What is low breathing rate?

respiratory rate below 20

Does low potassium affect breathing and heart rate?


What is the normal breathing rate in an an adult man at rest?

The normal rate for a man breathing, at rest, is around 16 breaths per minute. This could get as low as 12 breaths per minute, and as high as 25 breaths per minute depending on their health.

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Is Ghana's birth rate high or low?


What does it mean to have a low heart rate and high blood pressure?

A complication of a low heart rate or "Bradycardia" is high blood pressure.

Do killer whales have a high or low birth rate?

Killer whales have a low birth rate

What factors control breathing rate?

Breathing rate increases when: -The respiratory center senses high CO2 levels and high H+ (hydrogen ion) concentration (controls pH). -Carbonic Acid/Bicarbonate Buffer System: CO2+H2O<->H2CO3(carbonic acid)<->H(+)+HCO3- -There are low blood O2 levels (sensed by chemo-receptors in certain blood vessels) -Emotions, fear, and pain can also increase breathing rate

What happens when your heart rate drops to 40?

When your heart rate drops to 40, it will result to low blood pressure and this may cause serious problem like breathing difficulties. You should immediate medical attention in such a case.

What is the difference between high and low humidity?

Low is at high temperature High is at low temperature It kind of has to do with the way the shower is at the humidity rate

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What happens with Low blood volume?

Low blood volume will cause low blood pressure, high heart rate as the heart tries to compensate. Eventually if the volume is low enough the person will go into hypovolemic shock.

Do you want a high or low interest rate in a savings bond?

If you are investing in a savings bond, you wish for it to have a high rate of interest. If you are selling savings bonds, you wish it to be at a low rate of interest.

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Low tides

What happens when a monitor has a vertical refresh rate too low?

low image quality

What causes low population growth rate?

A high death rate would cause a low population growth rate. If many people are dying, or a high majority of people are of the elderly, then there would be less births the counter effect the high death rate.

How do humans regulate their breathing rate?

because they do ^^^ shut the $%^& up The regulation of breathing is controlled by the neurons in the medulla. Under most conditions, breathing rate is maintained involuntarily by the medulla. This system is very flexible and it is possible for breathing rate to be controlled voluntarily. Breathing is accomplished by the medulla firing action potentials at a rhythmical rate. These action potentials cause the muscles in the diaphragm and theintercostal muscles to contract. The rate and depth of breathing is dependent upon the medulla's ability to detect pH levels in the blood. By detecting changes in pH, the medulla is indirectly determining the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood. The following reaction demonstrates the relationship between carbon dioxide levels and pH. CO2 + H2O <=> H2CO3 <=> (H+) + (HCO-) At low pH levels (high [H+]), the respiratory center in the medulla becomes stimulated and results in an increase in the rate and depth of breathing. However when pH is high, breathing becomes slower and shallower due to a decrease in nervous stimulation. For instance in hyperventilation pH levels are so high that there is a temporary cessation of breathing (apnea).

What does the viscosity of fluid tell you about its flow rate?

It's an inverse relationship. Low viscosity (example: water) has a high/fast flow rate. High viscosity (example: honey) has a low flow rate.

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24. A high unemployment rate indicates low economic growth. security. freedom. efficiency.

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if Sex happens in low sound then vibration is les if it happens with high sound vibe is more..:)

What is a late symptom of shock?

Last symptoms of shock are depressed body functions; low pulse, low heart rate, shallow breathing, unresponsive.

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the moon has a different gravity effect causing low or high tides

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High Birth Rate and Low Death Rate

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coolect money from public at low rate & sell in the market at high rate

How does viscosity relate to flow rate?

High viscosity lead to a low flow rate and inverse.

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