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the muslims name their muslim baby

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Q: What happens in Muslim naming ceremonies?
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What happens in a Muslim naming ceremony?

People choose a name for a Muslim baby

What are the differences between Christian and Muslim birth ceremonies?

Christians celebrate their naming cermonies at a church. Muslims on the other hand do not.

Does the Jewish religion have baby naming ceremonies?


What were Anasazi ceremonies?

Naming day, birthday and HAWOKO day

Did the Anasazi Indians have ceremonies?

yes they did they had naming day, birthdays, and hawoko day

What were some ceremonies and celebrations the Algonquin have?

the Algonquins had many different ceremonies such as bay naming, water blessing, weddings and so much more

Where does a Muslim naming ceremony happen?

synagogue or at home

What is the Muslim naming ceremony called?

It is called Aqiqah :).

What happens in a Jewish naming ceremony?

Naming ceremonies are held for Jewish girls. The reason for this is that because they don't have a bris, they never had the opportunity to have 'mazel tov' wished on them by the community. At the naming ceremony, friends and family of the parents gather, usually for a nice brunch, and the parents introduce the baby to everyone and tell them what the baby's name is and who she was named after.

What is a Muslim baby naming ceremony called?

Well a Muslim baby ceremony is called a Aqiqah.

How are Naming ceremonies for Hindu babies?

in Hinduism naming ceremony is called namkarana sanskar. All the family of Hindu gathers together and name the baby. It is like a small festival.

What happens in Sikhism naming ceremonies?

Sikhs open up their holy scripture at a random, whatever alphabet is found on the very beginning on the left side, a name is selected beginning with that alphabet.Could be any name as long as it starts with that alphabet.

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