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A cold air mass and a warm air mass meet, with neither moving.
During a stationary front the weather will stay the same for several days or more than a week. It depends on what type of front is making the other front stationary.

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What type of front happens when warm or cold air masses do not move?

Stationary front.

What front happens when cold and warm front come together and remain in the same place for several days?

Stationary front

What happens when a cold front meet a stationary front?

When a cold front meets a stationary front, big air masses fall from space creating aliens who will soon conquer the universe. The stain on my jacket will finally fade.

How do you use stationary front in a sentence?

We had a stationary front last night

How is stationary Front form?

When a warm or cold front stops moving, it becomes a stationary front.

What type of front does not move at all?

a stationary front,but it will sometime move eventually.

What are the four types of fronts?

cold front warm front stationary front occluded front

What is a front that does not move?

A stationary front. Stationary fronts end up moving or dissipating.

How many air masses are involved in a stationary front?

Usually, a stationary front has two air masses. It becomes a stationary front when two different air masses are too weak to replace the other. A wide variety of weather can be found along a stationary front.

What happens when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass that isn't moving?

a stationary front forms

What happens when a cold air mass meets a warm air mass but the two remain separated?

its a stationary front

What is a sentence for stationary front?

today the stationary front could not move each outer cause they had the ammeter in it.

A front that is not moving?


What kind of weather does a stationary front bring-?

A stationary front will bring several days of cloudy, wet weather.

What is the name of the kind of front that does not move?

A stationary front .

What is a warm front that has stopped moving?

Stationary front

A weather front that is not moving is called?

Stationary Front.

What do you call a front that stops moving?

Stationary Front

Describe the conditions along a stationary front?

The weather associated with a stationary front is similar to that produced by a warm front. And a warm front generally brings drizzly precipitation. :)

What are the different kinds of front?

warm front, cold front, and stationary front

What are the three types of front?

Cold Front, Warm Front, and Stationary Front.

What are the three fronts?

cold front, worm front, stationary front

Are cold fronts and stationary fronts the same thing?

No. A cold front moves. A stationary front tends not to, hence the name.

How is a stationary front formed?

A area between a warm and cold fronts that remains not replaceable is called a stationary front

What are all the fronts?

Warm Front Cold Front Stationary Front Occluced Front