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In chapter 2, we find out more about Daniel's father. Daniel's father's name was Jack Arabus, and he was a great hero to everyone. Jack was extremely smart, even though his grammar was not the best. We also meet Birdsey Brooks, Captain Ivers nephew. We met Big Tom, an African American. Daniel works on the Junius Brutus Captain Ivers boat. Now, can you please answer what happens in chapter 6 of Jump Ship to Freedom? Thanks!

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In chapter 2 of "Jump Ship to Freedom" by James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier, Daniel and his sister, Ginger, are captured by slavers while trying to escape from the plantation. They are taken on a ship headed to the Deep South, where they face the harsh realities of being sold into slavery.

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Q: What happens in chapter 2 of jump ship to freedom?
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