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What happens in the buccal cavity?

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  1. food is put into the mouth
  2. the food is chewed
  3. food broken down into pieces
  4. saliva mixes with the food(helps in breaking down of food)
  5. food is swallowed
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What is the buccal cavity of the frog?

The Buccal Cavity of frog is the mouth of the frog.

Parts of buccal cavity?

Buccal cavity consist of ; 1. Tongue 2. salivary glands

What would happen if there was no buccal cavity in the human body?

If you have not buccal cavity you cannot eat and will starve.

What are functions of buccal cavity?

The buccal cavity is your mouth, so eating drinking swallowing talking etc...

What is another name for buccal cavity?

Oral Cavity

Is buccal another name for cheek?

Yes and no! The mouth is also called the buccal cavity named after the buccal muscles which are in the cheeks. Nobody I know calls it the buccal but many call it the buccal cavity.The portion of the oral cavity bounded by the lips, cheeks, and gums. Also called vestibule of mouth.

What is frogs buccal cavity?

his oral cavity, i.e. mouth

What is the buccal cavity?

A mouth, essentially.

What is the buccal cavity of the earthworm?


What mouth structure is the boundary between the buccal cavity and the lingual cavity?

The teeth form the boundary between the buccal and lingual cavities.

What is the function of buccal cavity?

The mouth or buccal cavity functions as the starting point of the digestive system. T he buccal cavity begins the digestion process by chewing the food into small portions and making easier to travel down the esophagus. The buccal cavity is also a primary tool in communication, since we use it to form sounds and words.

Scientific name for the human mouth?

oral cavity buccal cavity

What is a mouth in zoology called?

Buccal Cavity.

What attaches tongue to buccal cavity?

My penis

What cavity contains the teeth and tongue?


Are there taste buds in the buccal cavity?


What is another word for buccal cavity?


Taste buds are not found?

lining the buccal cavity

Does the buccal cavity provide any digestive enzymes?


What is another name for the Mouth or oral cavity?


What is another name for the buccal cavity?

The answer to you queston isI have noidea!(:

Is salivary gland part of buccal cavity?


What connects to the esophagus?

Oral cavity (or buccal cavity) above and (gastric cavity) stomach below.The pharynx (just behind the tongue) at one end, and the stomach at the other. With the lungs hung in the middle. oESOPHAGUS CONNECTS BUCCAL CAVITY TO STOMACH

What is buccal respiration?

it takes place on land during mouth and glottis remains closed while nostrils remain open. The floor of buccal cavity is alternatively raised and lowered so that air is drawn into and expelled out of buccal cavity through nostrils. The epithelial lining of buccal cavity is moist and highly supplied with alone capillaries and exchange of gases takes place through it.

Function of buccal cavity of the frog?

Respiration , nutrition e.t.c.

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