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Well there are still Inuyasha volume's coming but I heard that Kagome had moved in with Inuyasha only after this huge fight thing, Inuyasha wants Kagome to keep safe and his world is full of danger. So, about 3 years or so, Inuyasha hears Kagome calling her and he goes to help Kagome out of the well. Kgome tell him that she loves him too much and longs for him each day so they get married !! They have a ceremony and since Inuyasha ages very slowy they had a immortal ceremony so Kagome can age with Inuyasha! :'D

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Where can find the last episode of inuyasha?

the last episode o inuyasha is not finished yet because te authers of the movie finished faster then the auther of the book. but if you go toINUYASHAMOVIES.NETYOU WILL FIND 6 OR 7 NEW INUYASHA EPISODES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Inuyasha going to tell kagome how he feels?

Yes, in a way. Watch episode 26 of Inuyasha the Final Act (the last episode) & you'll see what happens. ;)

What is the last manga of inuyasha?

the last chapter of inuyasha was around chapter 500

What book do Inuyasha and Kagome kiss?

They get married in the 56th book of InuYasha, but I'm not sure which book they kiss in.

In what episode does Kagome nearly die?

In the episode's I don't think it happens. But in the book series Kagome try's to save inuyasha from an evil spirt that wanted inuyasha soul, so kagome pushed inuyasha out of the way because he was too weak and hurt to move. Inuyasha starts to love in that part in the book series. The book series are like inuyasha fantasy fan stories. They're really good, you should try the book series, really good!

What is the last name of lord sesshomaru?

everyone in the InuYasha show and book dont have a last name but for Kagome ok.! why dont you?

What happens in the last book of The Walking Dead?

The last book of the walking dead focuses on what happens to Rick and his group.

What happens after the inuyasha manga series?

Inuyasha and Kagome get married and have kids.

What is the last season of inuyasha they made in 2009?

Inuyasha the Final Act is the newest season of inuyasha.

What is the last Inuyasha episode in the 2 movie?

the inuyasha movie is not an episode

When does the new episode of inuyasha 168 come to America?

there is no such episode of inuyasha but they had made inuyasha the final act from the last 21 books of inuyasha

What are the last names of the Inuyasha characters?

Well Inuyasha ,Sango and miroku don't tell you their last names but Kagome's last name is Higirashi

Are they making the new Inuyasha?

They Aren't Making Anymore Inuyasha That i Know Of, They Finished the Last Sequel " Inuyasha the final Act " But the Original Inuyasha is finished.

What episode is the last episode in inuyasha?

InuYasha The Final Act episode 26 (last season) is the very last epiosode of InuYasha. Seasons 1-6 consist of 167 episodes in total. InuYasha The Final Act is a continuation of that, being the very last episodes made, finally ending the animation series.

What episode did inuyasha propose to kagome?

There are only 6 seasons provided to the US and none has him proposing to her, but the manga shows in the last book it shows them married but it never showed InuYasha proposing to lady Kagome.

Does Kagome kiss Inuyasha?

In the 2nd movie, and in InuYasha: The Final Act, the last episode.

What comes after inuyasha the final act. what happens and do the sceries continue?

The Final Act is the last season of Inuyasha. It covers the final volumes of the manga. It is unlikely the series will continue, but they may make another movie.

What is the very last episode of inuyasha called?

the last episode of inuyasha is "the bond between them: use the sacred jewel shard part 2". the last ep of inuyasha kanketsu-hen though, is "toward tomorrow" or "ashita e"

Will there be an episode with inuyasha and kagome and inuyashas baby?

No because Inuyasha: The Final Act is the last series of Inuyasha and that didn't have Inuyasha's baby.

What happens in the last inuyasha episode?

Well the last standing INUYASHA episode so far is a cliff hanger indeed... I will not tell you what exactly happens because that will ruin it... but i will tell you that the last episode most deffinatly does NOT tie up all the stings!!! I have no clue when the next lot is coming out but i hope it does soon so I can watch Naraku be destroyed MAHAHAHAHA.. *cough* anyway hope this helped LOL

Does inuyasha end?

in the last part of manga kagome and inuyasha get married so yes it does end.. she also stays in the feudal era with inuyasha for evar!

What episode does inuyasha and kagome marry?

Inuyasha and Kagome marry inm the episode, "Toward Tomorrow." This episode is the last episode in Inuyasha: The Final Act.

What is kagome from inuyasha last name?


Where can you see what happens next on Inuyasha?

Viz Media owns the English rights to Inuyasha. Hulu has some episodes.

What happens Inuyasha and kagoma?

Inuyasha and Kagome end getting married and having 3 kids at the end of the manga