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Chapter 18 is where Bilbo awakes after the battle. Gandalf summons him to Thorin's death bed and Thorin forgives him. Bilbo gathers his treasure and heads for home. On the way he stops at Beorn's for the Yule celebration.

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Who sent the men in search of Bilbo. the hobbit chapter 18?

Gandalf sends men out to search for Bilbo. He sends them to the area he had last seen the hobbit. They hope to find him before Thorin passes on.

Who was the man after Bilbo in Chapter 18 of The Hobbit?

He was not identified by name. He was sent to look in the area that Bilbo had last been seen in by Gandalf. He was strong and surefooted and carried Bilbo down to the camp.

In chapter 18 of the hobbit why did thorin call for Bilbo?

Thorin was dying, he had been mortally wounded in the Battle of Five Armies. He wanted to make his peace with Bilbo before he died. Bilbo was found and brought to him just in time.

What does Beorn do in The Hobbit chapter 18?

Beorn fought his way through the Wargs and goblins.

What did Gandalf and Bilbo dig up in Chapter 18?

Gandalf accompanied Bilbo back to his home. In addition to visiting Beorn and Rivendell, they went by the Troll's cave. They dug up the gold and silver that they had hidden.

What apology does Thorin make to Bilbo?

In chapter 18, as Thorin is dying, he tells Bilbo "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world"

What happens in chapter 16-18 in hatchet?

there was a turn ado and a storm

What happens in snow treasure chapter 18?

A Nazi Soldier kills Peter and rapes him.

What are Thorin's last words in chapter 18 of The Hobbit?

To Bilbo he said: 'There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell!'

What page is thorin killed in the hobbit?

There are many versions of this book, and they all have different page numbers. However, Thorin Oakenshield died in chapter 18, The Return Journey.

What happens in chapter 18 in the hunger games?

just read the book u will end up liking it

What happens in chapters 17-18 of hatchet by Gary Paulsen?

Hatchet chapter 17 what day does the cjapter begin on

What chapter does fruits basket book 18 start with?

Volume 18 starts with chapter 102. (The last chapter in the volume is 107.)

What is chapter 18 in twilight?

The 18th chapter is "The Hunt"

What chapter does mayella testifies?

She testifies in Chapter 18.

Where can you read gakuen Alice chapter 18?

You can read Gakuen Alice chapter 18 on www.mangafox.com.ll

What is the summary of chapter 18 in Rizal life and works?

summary of chapter 18 in rizal's life and works

What happened in chapter 18 in mrpopper's penguins?

In chapter 18 the pengiuns go to Paris and eat food.

What was the Eagles part in the hobbit chapter 18?

The eagles assisted the elves and dwarves fight back against the goblins and Wargs.

What chapter in Breaking Dawn is the birth?

Chapter 18: There are no words for this

What chapter does edward turn Bella into a vampire?

end of chapter 18 and beginning of chapter 19

How many VERSES in the book of ecclesiastics?

The book of Ecclesiastes has 222 verses. Chapter 1 - 18 Chapter 2 - 26 Chapter 3 - 22 Chapter 4 - 16 Chapter 5 - 20 Chapter 6 - 12 Chapter 7 - 29 Chapter 8 - 17 Chapter 9 - 18 Chapter 10 - 20 Chapter 11 - 10 Chapter 12 - 14

What chapter does yoh and haruna get trapped?

They get trapped in chapter 17 and 18^^

Who died in Chapter 17 of The Hobbit?

Chapter 17 ('The Clouds Burst') of The Hobbit, covers the Battle of the Five Armies. As is the way of battles, many died, "among the goblin dead lay many men and many dwarves, and many a fair elf that should have lived yet long ages merrily in the wood."Fili and Kili, two of the dwarves in the Company died defending Thorin, their uncle in this battle, though their death was not revealed until Chapter 18. Thorin was mortally wounded in the Battle of the Five Armies, and died shortly after.

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