What happens to Itachi Uchiha?

He gets killed by Sasuke but he does it on purpose because he loves Sasuke, and he wanted to give him his sharigan, but Sasuke didn't know :-(.

Actually Sasuke doesn't kill him at all (At the end Sasuke is back up against the wall and can't attack against Itachi cause of Sushano'o and he could have taken his eyes to gain eternal Mangekyo and become immortal and, save himself from sickness he had. (At the last fight he almost got heart attack and took medicine to longer his life) And that sickness + own use of a Mangekyo + restrain of his body (Giving Sasuke his Mangekyo was the last thing his body could take.) My guess is that its briefer to Madara Uchiha who in almost the same situation took his baby brothers eyes and gain getaway from his cruel fate by killing his brother but Itachi chose to die himself.