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It melts and brakes all over the place.

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Q: What happens to a glass jar lid if you run it under hot water?
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What happens to the inside of a glass when YOU pour hot water?

Nothing because pouring hot water in glass will do nothing except fogging the glass as you pour the water

Which is what happens when we put a cup of hot water with dye on a glass of cold water?

it turns into ice with the colour of whatever dye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why does hot glass crack when placed under hot water?

Hot glass is less likely to crack than cold glass. It's down to the temperature difference. If the glass is colder than the water, its outside heats up, and expands. Glass is a poor conductor of heat so the inside doesn't get hot and expand nearly as quickly. This sets up strains in the glass, and because it's brittle, it cracks. .Hot glass may still have a sufficiently different temperature from the water to cause the same effect

What happens when you keep a pan of hot water under fan?

it becomes cool

What happens to a glass of water if it is left in the desert?

If in a warm or hot desert, the water will evaporate. If in the Antarctic (which is also classed as a desert) the water will freeze solid.

Why should you not pour very hot water into a drinking glass?

because the glass will pop if you put the very hot water into the glass

What happens if water droplets fall on the hot lighted bulb which is ON?

If the water droplet is big enough, the glass will shatter from the fast change in temperature.

Why there are droplets of water outside the glass?

Its called water vapor.Its happens when the outside is really hot or warm and the inside of whatever is cool or cold.

Why does a glass of hot water sweat inside?

Condensation of the cool air on the hot glass.

An old remedy for a pair of nested drinking glasses that stick together is to run water at different temperatures into the inner glass and over the surface of the outer glass which water will be hot?

put the cold water into inner glass and hot water out the glass

What happens if the water is to hot?

when water is too hot then it evaporates

If you put sugar into a glass of water the sugar will do what?

it depends how hot the water is if the water is hot then it will disolve :D