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A magnet of the usual kind (non-electro magnet), is, to put it simple, a piece of metal. Usually made out of iron. The difference between a regular piece of iron is that the iron molecules inside a magnet has been aligned so that poles (+ & -) are created. This means that if you run electricity through a regular magnet, absolutely nothing will happen apart from that; electricity running through. -when a current is run radially( from center to the edge of one pole) through a strong neodymium disc magnet, it is possible to make a homopolar motor.

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How does a magnet make electricity?

You can make electricity from a magnet by passing a normal bar magnet in a coil of wire.

What is the difference between magnets and electromagnet?

an electromagnet is a magnet which is activated by electricity and it ceases to be a magnet once the electric supply is stopped whereas a magnet is a natural magnet which does not need electricity and continues to be a magnet whether it is supplied by electricity or not.

What happens to a galvanometer when a magnet is flicked across the coil?

The magnet generates more electricity thus adding to the power and the galvanometer displays a higher reading. :)

How a magnet can produce electricity?

magnet will not produce electricity due to electro magnetic induction conductor is producing electricity

Does a magnet just the word magnet conduct electricity?

no it does not.

Is magnet a conductor or insulator?

A magnet will conduct electricity.

How does a scrapyard magnet work?

a scrapyard magnet is a electromagnet (it needs electricity). when someone activates it, it has a wire around some part of the magnet which wraps around the magnet and sends it electricity

Does an electromagnet use a magnet to create electricity?

NO, it is the other way use electricity to create a magnet

Do magnet exert electricity?


What does the electro magnet prove about electricity?

An electro magnet proves that Electricity and Magnetism always co-exist in nature

Can connecting a specific amount of magnet to one of your electric wires reduce the electricity usage?

No. Your magnet will fight the electricity.

Can you create electricity with a magnet?

A magnet alone will not generate electricity. However if you have one or two other components such as a coil of copper wire and you move the magnet in this copper wire coil, electricity will flow in the copper wire.

Will a magnet conduct electricity?

A magnet will conduct electricity without a problem. This is why magnetic fields are able to produce an electric current.

Can you generate electricity from magnet?

Magnetic generally generate electricity just by moving the magnet. Although you can't actually "create" energy, by rotating a magnet, you generate kinetic energy.

How does a magnet produce electricity?

It is weird

What happens if you move a magnet back and forth inside a coil of wire?

You will generate electricity. the motion creates an electric current in the wire

A magnet that works only when electricity is flowing through it?

Is called an electro magnet.

What is an electromagnetic magnet?

it is a magnet that is powered by electricity, such as the ones for picking up cars.

Is a magnet a conductor of electricty?

yes a magnet can conduct the electricity as current is the flow of charges and flows due to the charge carriers .the magnet has unshared pairs of electron so they can conduct the electricity.

How do solar panels turn the sun's rays into electricity?

The heat of the rays turn the generator.The generator has a magnet in it. The magnet is inside a copper ring. The magnet urn and makes friction which makes electricity. The electricity goes to the breaker box at a house.

How can you make a magnet turn on and off?

it is now possible to turn a permanent magnet off. Research this on youtube, there are videos on how do to this with electricity. the electricity input on the wire in a certain position with the magnet diminishes its magnetic field when the electricity is turned on, when the electricity is turned off, the magnetic field returns as normal

What happens when you rust a magnet?

the magnet gets weaker

Can a magnet make electricity?

A magnet can be used in the generation of electricity. A magnet that rotates inside a coil of copper wire will create an electrical current in that wire. This is the exact principle used in electric generators.

Why do you get electricity when a magnet touches a wire?

because a magnet has positive charges and is also a allows electricity current ot flow through, by so doing we end up getting electricity

What happens when a magnet is moved towards a coil?

You will generate electricity. As the wire cuts through the magnetic field.As the magnet is moved, there will be an induced electro-motive force (EMF) which can cause a current in the coil. Once the magnet stops moving, the current will go to zero.

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