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Q: What happens to a non profit when its founder passes away or retires?
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A b and c are partners sharing profit in the ratio of 5:3:2 if be retires when the new profit ratio will be?


Who is said to be the founder of algebra?

the founder of algebra are the Arabs. They discovered it when it was their golden age when Profit Mohammed was around.

How long does it take to get a profit?

Depends on where you are looking to make a profit. In some cases a profit happens in seconds, while in others a profit never happens.

Who is the founder of Muslim?

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What happens when expenditure exceeds income?

We can say that the business is in profit

How can a founder of a non-profit protect himself in their bylaws?

Wow, great question! how did you know i was looking for that answer myself? lol... all i have come up with is to seperate from the non profit, but still be in some kind of role in the non profit. anyone else have any suggestions?

What is unrelaized profit?

Unrealized profit is that portion of profit which is not yet earned. In transfer pricing normally what happens that products after finishing transfers to other departments with profit charged but if those goods not sell to end user until that time that profit cannot be counted as profit which is called unrealized profit.

Can a founder take a percentage of the company's yearly profit?

That depends on how he arranges the company, and who else is involved, and what legal agreements there are, but theoretically, yes.

What happens if revenue expenditure is recorded as a capital expenditure?

If that happens, there will be overstatment of the period's profit as well as overstatement of assets. This will reduce the future profit of business because the original costs of assets will be charged more to the Profit and Loss account in process of depreciation of assets.

What happens if profit per sales percent is low?


What happens when marginal revenue equals marginal cost?

profit is maximized