What happens to all the suitors?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: What happens to all the suitors?
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What happens when Odysseus reveals his identity to the suitors?

Odysseus kills them it on sparknotes.

How does Eruymachus stop Odysseus from killing all the suitors?

Eruymachus doesn't stop Odysseus, he helps him kill the suitors. All the suitors die in the end.

What happens to the suitors?

Odysseus returns home but remains disguised. Once he learns about the 108 suitors he kills them with the help of Telemachus and Philoeteus.

How does Odysseus fight turn out with t he suitors?

He fights the suitors and kills all of them.

How were the suitors in The Odyssey bad hosts?

Not at all. The suitors were guests of Penelope, not hosts.

What happens to the suitors at the end of Odysey film?

he gave her wife a hug

How does Odysseus get rid of the suitors?

Odysseus, his son, and the loyal staff kill all the suitors.

What happens to Penelope's suitors?

Odysseus and his son slaughter them when Odysseus gets home.

What is Odysseus able to do that the suitors cannot do?

Odysseus is able to string his bow, after all the suitors have tried and failed. Odysseus is also able to win Penelope's heart, kill all the suitors, and have the love and respect of the gods, in particular Athena.

Why does Odysseus take revenge on all the suitors?

The suitors were wooing his wife, and also had been eating his food and drinking his wine.

What is the omen which appears to the suitors in the Odyssey?

That Odysseus would return after a great deal of time, and kill all the suitors by suprise.

What argument does eurymachus use to stop ofysseus from killing all the suitors?

Eurymachus argues that it was the suitors who were responsible for their actions, not all the suitors collectively. He asks Odysseus to spare those who were not involved in the disrespect shown towards him and to forgive those who have wronged him.