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If closed with a screw cap and stored in a cool dry place, Chardonnay will remain drinkable although it will lose some of it crispness over a ten year period. New world Chardonnays are ready to be enjoyed upon purchase so there is no reason to store them for long periods of time. It is red wines with extremely high tannic acid that must be aged to become drinkable.

Unless the chardonnay has been stored out of direct sunlight and in ideal conditions; i.e., at 55 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity, for the entire 10 years, it will have gone bad. Chardonnays simply don't have the amount of acidity needed to hold off oxidation for that long. Two notable exceptions to this, however, are Grand Cru Chablis and Grand cru Burgundies from the Côte de Beaune.

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Q: What happens to chardonnay after 10 years?
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