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Q: What happens to light that strikes clear plastic aluminum foil and tissue paper?
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What keeps things colder aluminum plastic or toilet tissue?

Aluminum is worst, plastic better, and toilet tissue best at insulating things if the dimensions are "nominal" from one material to the other. Aluminum conducts heat very well, and it is a poor insulator. Plastic can conduct heat, but not as well as aluminum. Tissue, on the other hand, has a lot of "dead air spaces" within its structure. These trapped air places reduce heat movement by convection. And this makes tissue a better insulator than the other materials.

What happens when gamma rays strike living tissue?

When a gamma ray strikes living tissue (as when it strikes any matter) it deposits energy through excitation and ionization of the tissue's atoms and molecules. Since most of the matter in tissue is water, this mostly happens to water molecules. This creates free radicals (such as hydroxyl radicals), hydrogen peroxide, etc. These can then damage biological molecules such as DNA and this is known as an indirect effect. The gamma ray can also excite or ionize biological molecules directly.

What are neurotoxins?

the disrupt the maturity of nerve tissue in aluminum etc

What is the bowel made of?

made from plastic and also some are made from wood

What happens to bone tissue if not used?

It is technically impossible to NOT "use your bone tissue". Because the skeleton is built of bone tissue it is in constant use.

What happens to the muscle tissue when exercising?

muscle contraction

What happens at the tissue level for gas exchange?

it will be exhaling.

What happens after you sneeze?

You sometimes get a tissue and blow your nose.

What happens to the muscle tissue in a dislocated shoulder?

it is damaged

What happens when organopesticides bind to acetycholinesterase?

What effect will organopesticides have on muscel tissue What effect will organopesticides have on muscel tissue

Is cotton a better insulator than aluminium foil and tissue paper?

No, cotton is not a better insulator than aluminum foil and tissue paper. Aluminum foil is a good insulator as it reflects heat, while tissue paper acts as a thermal barrier. Cotton, on the other hand, is not as effective of an insulator because it does not have the same reflective or thermal barrier properties.

What happens to the muscle tissue in response to resistance training?

the muscle tissue breaks and then grows back stronger and thicker