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Q: What happens to limewater at the end of an experiment?
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What happens to the limewater if the gas is present?

I expect you are asking what happens if carbon dioxide is bubbled through limewater. The limewater will become cloudy.

What happens to liqiud when testing for carbon dioxide?

Limewater - if you bubble Carbon Dioxide through limewater it will go cloudy!

What happens to copper when mixed with limewater?

Farts Happen

What happens to limewater in presence of oxygen?

Nothing in particular.

What happens to limewater in the presence of carbon?

it will become milky and chalky

What happens to limewater when carbon dioxide is bubbled through it and why?

It goes cloudy.

What happens in the cycle of heating limewater?

cuz there is carbon dioxide in there so it is let out

What happens if you inhale limewater?

You could die as it is like breathing in poisonous gas

What happens when carbon dioxide is passed through limewater?

The soultion will turn a cloudy colored Leigh

What happens when you drink too much limewater?

You will have headache, and even worse, you will lose your sense of taste.

What happens when carbon dioxide is treated with limewater?

Carbon dioxide is absorbed, react and calcium carbonate is formed.

What happens to the manganese in the oxygen generation experiment?

It just acts as a catalyst, so it remains unchanged in the end.