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Sulfur is melted at 115,21 0C; the boiling point is at 444,6 0C. In an air atmosphere sulfur burn and form sulfur dioxide.

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Characteristics of sulfur after heated?

By heating liquid sulfur is obtained. The liquid is very viscous and had a red color.

What happens when you burn sulfur?

I think a very very bad smell happens. You might want to ask to be excused if your teacher says he is experimenting with sulfur.

What is the so3 formula?

SO3 is the chemical formula of sulfur trioxide (sulfur-IV oxide). It is a very hygroscopic, strongly acid forming oxide (extremely corrosive in humid air).

What happens to an ice cube when heated?

it melts at a very fast rate

What happens to particles when heated?

When particles are heated they get very energetic and try to break away from their bonds to eachother. At the start they make tiny vibrations and gradually get very fast and can turn into a liquad.

Can sulfur conduct electricity?

Sulfur is a very weak conductor of electricity.

What happens when cracked glass is heated?

When cracked glass is heated, the cracks will worsen until the glass breaks. You don't need very much heat to break cracked glass. Boiling water will do it.

What happens to acetone when heated?

Acetone will either evaporate or ignite (catch fire) when heated. At room temperature it evaporates quickly but will do so when hot. When exposed to very high temperatures it will catch fire.

What do you see when limestone is heated very strongly?

simply it breaks out due to forming of carbon dioxide in the gaps if it takes place in an close atmosphere with high pressure than turns into marble.

How are a sulfur molecule and a sulfur dioxide molecule similar?

Both a sulfur molecule (S8) and a sulfur dioxide molecule (SO2) contain the element sulfur. Beyond that they are very different.

Can sulfur scratch garnet?

No. Sulfur is quite soft, Garnet is very hard.

Scabies and sulfur bath okay?

hi,yeah sulfur is very good for scabies also sulfur ointment available but u know "permethrin cream" is very very good for scabies (Salman ,China)

Where does convectional rain occur?

Convectional rain fall happens in very hot parts of the country where air can be heated by a very hot ground and forced to rise due to this.

What happens if you heat a tennis ball?

It explodes in 39.2 seconds after being heated at 375 degree Fahrenheit in an oven. VERY messy.

What happens to the ionic bond in a compound when it is heated?

In general, ionic bonds are very strong and resistant to heat, but enough heat will break them.

Why is sulfur not malleable?

Malleability is a property of metals. Sulfur isn't a metal, so therefore doesn't have these properties. Sulfur is very brittle.

What happens to steel when it gets cold?

(After it has been heated.) It will harden. (At room temperature.) It will become brittle. (After it has been cooled .) It will become very brittle.

What happens when limestone is heated between 20 and 1000 degrees centigrade?

um i am very sorry but i am not sure why dont you try to google it if you dont know !

What happens to sodium hydroxide when heated?

At very high temperature NaOH is decomposed and Na2O fumes are emited.The reaction is:2 NaOH = Na2O = H2O

What substances are created when calcium carbonate is heated very strongly in an open crucible?

Calcium carbonate thermally decomposes when heated to form calcium oxide powder and carbon dioxide gas. The word equation: calcium carbonate --> calcium oxide + carbon dioxide As a symbol equation: CaCO3 --> CaO + CO2

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