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It can change from a gas to a solid to a liquid, or from a liquid to a solid to a gas. This change does not affect the composition of the matter.

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What is the composition of the materials during physical change?

The chemical composition is not changed during a physical process.

What characteristic best describes what happens during a physical changes?

In terms of the chemical composition of matter, nothing happens. A physical change is simply a change in the appearance or state of matter.

What doesnt change during the composition of a substance?

The composition of a chemical compound is not changed during a physical change.

How is the difference between a physical change and a chemical change?

During a physical change, the substance does not undergo a change in chemical composition. During a chemical change, the substance does undergo a change in chemical composition.

How is a physical change different fro a chemical change?

During a physical change the chemical composition is not changed.

Is steaming vegetables a chemical or physical change?

Is steaming vegetables are physical or chemical change

Do atoms change during a physical change?

No. A physical change only changes the shape or texture of an object. A chemical change alters the atomic composition of an object.

What does a physical change and a chemical change mean?

Chemical change: the composition of the initial reactants is changed. Ex.: thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate. Physical change: the composition is not changed during this transformation. Ex.: boiling of water.

Why is water evaporating is a physical change?

During evaporation the chemical composition of water is not changed.

Are new substances produced during a physical change?

no new substances are formed during physical change A physical change may be accompanied by 1. change of state 2. change of phase 3. change of color, etc. but no change in chemical composition takes place

Explain what happens to matter during a physical change?

when a substance undergoes a physical change,its identity stays the same.

What happens to matter during a physical change?

in a physical change, matter does NOT change its idenity, on shape, size, ect. that include being a maleabilty

What physical change in metamorphic rock signals the end of metamorphism?

from what i know there is no physical change that signals the end of metamorphism but there is a physical change during the process of metamorphism. during metamorphism the shape of the rock changes due to force of stress this is a physical change. (a physical change is when the shape or composition ofa substance e.g. rock has changed). by the way i am only 12

What happens during a physical change?

A physical change is characterized by changing of state due to dissolving, boiling, or freezing. After the change, the same substance remains. It involves a change in physical properties.

What happens to energy during a change of state Why is it physical change?

Its released or adsorbed. Its "physical" because no new substance(s) is produced.

What indicates a chemical change happens while cooking?

The chemical composition of foods is changed during cooking.

Is cooking rice a chemical and physical change?

Cooking of rice is a chemical change because during cooking the chemical composition may be modified.

What does undergo physical or chemical changes mean?

if during a change the chemical composition of the reactants change or any new products are formed then the reactant is said to undergo chemical change.if the state, color, phase or any other physical properties of the reactant change without any change the chemical composition of the reactants or formation of any new substances then it is said to undergo physical change

What is the meaning of physical reaction?

A physical reaction is a change that happens physically. While the form of something changes during this process, it does not change into something else.

Is a teakettle hissing and steaming a chemical change?

No. the hissing and steaming is simply the Physical Change of water boiling, and the steam causes an increase in pressure thus the whistle. During a Physical Change, some properties of material change, but the composition of the material does not change.

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