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it decreases

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Q: What happens to the distance if a machine increases the size of the force?
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How is the force changed when a machine increases distance?

Impact increases

What machine increases distance and how is the force changed?

A number of machines are capable of doing this. One of them is the lever. Any machine that increases distance inevitably reduces force.

When a mechanic increases the force acting on an object what happens to the distance the object moves?

When the Force increases on an Object, the Distance it travels INCREASES, as does its Velocity.

What happens to the gravitational force if distance increases?

It decreases[:

If the distance is increased while the charges remain the same what happens to the force?

The force will decrease as the distance increases.

What happens between two gravational object increases?

When what increases? - The gravitational force depends on the masses involved, and on the distance. More mass --> more force. Greater distance --> less force.

When a simple machine increases the force you exert what other factors change?

The distance of the object

What happens to the force of gravity of the distance increases?

At greater distances, the force of gravity becomes less.

Number of times that a machine increases the input force?

Increasing the distance between the load and pivot increases the work output of a machine.

A machine that increases both speed and distance multiplies the force by?

Exactly 1

If force increases and distance remains same what happens to the amount of work done?

not change

What happens to the gravitation force between two objects if the distance between them is dicreased?

In this case, the gravitational force increases.