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What happens to the muscle cells as they become larger?


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You get stronger. The individual muscle fibers become thicker with more myofibrils inside them. The number of muscle cells stays the same, contrary to popular belief that you grow more muscle fibers, this is not true.

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skeletal muscle that do a lot of work become stronger and larger. Some of this change in muscle size is because of an increase in the number of muscle cells. But most of the change is because individual muscle cells become larger. Muscles that are not exercised become smaller and weaker

When a human being is aging, their muscle cells also tend to age. Because of this, the muscle cells become weaker and the body is more prone to injury.

hypertrophy is when the cells in a muscle duplicate and cause the muscle to get larger

Yes, because they are bigger than humans.

humans get more of them, cells never really get "larger"

what happens to a muscle cell or fibers when the body is inactive? munneh niemly

well..... Elephant cells are not larger there are more of them which shows from their body. Their cells are not larger because if the cells are large the cells will become heavy and will not be able to support themselves!

It has large amounts of mitochondria, which are used to release energy.

as your heart muscle cells are to make your heart beat you will die if they stopped working

When muscle cells undergo anaerobic respiration they become fatigued and painful due to the buildup of pyruvate in cells. The pyruvate is converted to lactic acid.

Fermentation in muscle cells produces lactic acid. This happens when you have overworked your muscles, which can happen during exercise.

It duplicates right before cells die.

Involved in muscle contraction in larger organisms is microfilament. Structures found only in plant cells are plastids. A type of plastid is chloroplasts.

Microfilaments are involved in muscle contraction in larger organisms. These are small rod like structures within the cytoplasm of many eukaryotic cells.

During intense physical activity, glycogen; which is energy stored in muscle cells, is used during intense muscle contractions.

humans might kill them for their sake and survival or they might kill humans like virus and amoeba as they can harm humans.

It depends almost all stem cells will become specialized in are most needed at the time and will become that kind of cell ie. nerve, muscle, ect while a very small number will stay stem cells and "manage" cells around it estimated at 1 everywhere 100,000 other cells.

Cardiac muscle cells are muscle cells.

Skeletal muscle cells are much bigger than cardiac muscle cells. Skeletal muscle fibres are up to 100 micrometers in diameter and several centimeters long while cardiac myocytes are about 15 micrometers in diameter and about 100 micrometers long.

If the demand for oxygen is not met for a long period of time, the cells within the muscle tissue will die.

They multipy out of control and become a tumor

In the sense of biology, cell specialization is when stem cells (cells with no specific job) become cells that have a specific job, like muscle cells. They have a specific job to do, like how your muscle cells allow you to move.

mitochondria are used to make muscle larger as they are needed to multiply as the cell needs more to function.

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