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They will have to take the uninsured driver to court. Or if you have uninsured driver policy with your insurance, they will pay it.

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The uninsured part would mean that the person or persons responsible would have to pay for it. If they have an accident in someone elses car they will probably be questioned in court.

Even after receiving a car insurance quote, someone driving uninsured is still putting their lives and others in jeopardy and whether you have a license or not. Someone driving uninsured can bring on the risk of being arrested.

If the person driving was given permission then all coverage should apply per the provisions of your particular policy.

If you are hit by an Uninsured Driver you should take the following actions- Contact the police, get information from and on any witnesses that saw the accident and get photographs of the vehicles and the accident scene. Another important step to take beforehand of the accident is to make sure you have Uninsured Motorist Insurance on your Car Policy.

This is similar to the dilemma of a retard that decides to get strapped to the car and the guy driving crashes and the one strapped to the car is suing the driver. Ultimately though it is the judges decision. But I don't believe you can.

My insurance canceled uninsured person hits someone in rear what happens to me

You will get in an accident and kill someone.

It will not show up, unless another person was invloved and they put a claim against you. If you do not report it it will not go on your driving record. Answer2: Nothing will show up, but why risk your own life and the life of other people driving in an uninsured vehicle. This time you may get away with it, but what about the next time and you actually cause great injury to yourself or injure or kill someone else in an accident.

No. Uninsured motorist coverage protects the owner of the vehicle which is damaged due to the actions of an uninsured driver of another vehicle (or damage caused by a hit-and-run driver). I think what you are asking is known as a 'permissive' driver - someone who was driving another person's vehicle with the owner's permission, but who is not actually named on the policy. The answer to this is 'probably' depending on the insurance company and the provisions of the policy itself, but if provided for would cover them like they were a named insured on the policy.

If the accident was your fault and someone else was involved their uninsured motorist insurance will pay for their damage. The bad news is that they WILL sue for the amount they had to pay out.

Although it depends on your insurance, the driver is covered if driving with your permission.

Yes, and this pretty much always happens in such a situation. While the owner was not driving and may not have been anywhere near the accident, a theory of the action against the owner is that he/she should reasonably have know not to allow the driver to take the car.

Make a claim under your own policy for uninsured and underinsured motorists. Call your own agent ASAP - do not deal with the other party as there is too much baggage there.

Well Someone will sue you and the insurance will do something about it!

You will NEVER be covered when you are drunk, you will be fined and put in jail! the reason for this is that too many idiots get behind the wheel of a car when they are drunk , many they have no respect for human life and do not even bother to think that they could kill someone!!

Take them to small claims court for the damages. If they didn't have permission, you should have reported it stolen and had them arrested.

What happens if you have insurance and you get hit by someone driving fast down the shoulder of the road in Texas and they hit you?

You may cause an accident, injure yourself or someone else, cause damage to property or end up with a traffic violation.

Yes they will, but you may have to pay a deductable if you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, and you you must have comp & coll coverage.

If you are driving a car in the state of Illinois, then you need to carry insurance on the vehicle. Uninsured motorists can get insurance at affordable rates if they know where to look. There is a minimum amount of coverage that the driver needs to have on their insurance. This amount is not high so that drivers can get insurance coverage at an affordable rate. However, if a driver wants to take a risk and let someone else drive their car, they need to carry uninsured motorist insurance on their policy. The minimum amount for this coverage is $20,000. This covers the driver of the car if they were in an accident and were not covered under an insurance policy. In the event of a car accident and the driver of your car or the other car were not covered under their own insurance policy, the uninsured motorist coverage would protect not only yourself but the other drivers in the accident. The coverage will pay for any medical necessities that are incurred during the accident and any wages that are lost. The coverage will only pay up to the amount that you have on your insurance policy. Anything over this amount will be the responsibility of the driver. If the accident was the fault of the other driver, then their insurance will cover up to the amount listed on their policy and then your insurance will cover the remaining amount. An uninsured policy is different than an underinsured policy. An underinsured driver has insurance, but they may not have enough coverage to pay for the expenses if the driver were in an accident. An uninsured motorist has no insurance at all. The only way that an uninsured motorist can usually drive a vehicle is if there is a family member who has taken out the uninsured motorist coverage on their insurance. An uninsured policy is not expensive to get, but it would be best for the driver to obtain their own policy as soon as possible.

The car may be sold to defray expenses.

It will have to be determined if they choose to charge you with manslaughter.

it might not affect you current policy but after renewal the points you received in that accident with Hurt you.

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