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Q: What happens to the pupil when looking distant object?
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What happens to the pupil when the eye focuses on distant objects?

The pupils' size change in response to the degree of light that is entering the. Dilation depends less on the distance of the object from the eye and more on how many light rays are in the field of vision.

What happened to the pupil as the object get closer?

the pupil becomes smaller trying to converge the light coming from the object.

What happens when a pupil is blown?

If there is a problem with the muscles of the pupil then it will not regulate light into the eye correctly.

What happens to light rays after they enter the pupil?

They die.

What happens to your pupil when in a light room?

it gets bigger

What happens to the lensecornea and pupil when lights hits it?

Nothing. AFTER the light is detected and calibrated, the pupil may change size.

What happens if the pupil doesn't work?

If the pupil of the eye did not work, than your eye could not regulate light entering it.

What is an Argyll Robertson pupil?

An Argyll Robertson pupil is a bilateral small pupil of the eye which reduces in size when the patient focuses on a near object but does not constrict when exposed to bright light - a sign of neurosyphilis.

Could you ever see the pupil in your own eye?

literally speaking the pupil is just a hole, so no. But by looking in a mirror you can perceive the pupil as a black circle in the middle of the iris.

How do you compare the shape of the pupil in the dissected eye with your own?

by looking at it.

How do you compare the shape of the pupil in the dissected eye with your own pupil?

You can compare the shape of a human eye pupil to that of a cow eye pupil by means of comparing and locating the iris. The iris of a cow is brown where as the iris of a human has multiple colors.

How does light affect the pupil of the eye?

With high intensity light your pupil constricts. This happens to protect your retina from damage by light of high intensity.