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Q: What happens to the rest of radiation which is not absorbe by the earth?
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Only about 50 percent of the solar energy directed toward earth penetrates directly to the surface. What happens to the rest of the radiation?

some of the radiation is absorbed in the atmosphere

What happens to the energy the moon gains from the sun at night?

Regardless of what time it may be, day or night, at any place on earth . . . -- Part of the solar radiation incident on the moon is absorbed into the illuminated portion of the surface. -- The rest is reflected from the surface, back into space. Actually, a lot like what happens on the earth, when you think about it

What are the three things that happens to the radiation the Earth receives from the sun?

It is reflected back out into space (e.g off clouds)It is captured by plants in photosynthesisIt warms the air and makes the weather systems on Earth and the ocean circulationsIt becomes trapped (over time) as fossil fuels.

What happens to visible light when it enters earths atmosphere?

approx 25% is reflected approx 20% is absorbed approx 55% pass through to Earth's surface (it burns) supposedly

What happens when the earth's atmosphere traps energy from the sun?

The suns energy when it reaches the earth's atmosphere encounters earth's plasma and three things happens. Some of the energy is reflected , some is absorbed and the rest is transmitted to the earth.

What percentage of solar radiation reaches the earth and drives the hydro logic cycle?

About 50% of the incoming solar radiation reaches the surface of the planet. The rest is reflected or absorbed by the atmosphere & clouds, and a small portion is reflected by the oceans and land.

What happens to the different kinds of radiant energy from the sun when it enters earth's atmosphere?

well some of it is refllected back into space by our magnetic field. the rest of it just hits the earth

What happens to the energy from the sun when it reaches earth's surface?

What happens to Solar Energy is that some of it gets absorbed into air, land and water while the rest gets reflected back to space.

What happeens to the rest of the radition that doesn't make it to earth?

I assume you mean the radiation from the Sun. Most of this radiation goes out into space, and it just continues going on and on. A tiny part of this will eventually be absorbed by some planet, star, dust, or gas; but most of it will just continue going.

How much amount of solar energy by earth every day?

The average solar radiation hitting the planet is considered to be about 352 watts/meter squared. Total radiation hitting our atmosphere is about 1366 watts/meter squared. The rest of this energy is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere.

What happens to the air you breathe out?

The air that you breathe out mixes with the rest of the air in your general vicinity, and will eventually mix with all the air in the Earth's atmosphere.

What happens to heat energy as it reaches the earth?

Some solar radiation is reflected back into space and some is absorbed.Incoming solar radiation: 100%Reflected by the atmosphere: 6% : Absorbed by the atmosphere: 16%Continuing incoming solar radiation: 78%Reflected by clouds: 20% : Absorbed by clouds: 3%Continuing incoming solar radiation: 55%Reflected by the earth's surface: 4% : Absorbed by the earth's surface (lands and oceans): 51%(Source: NASA)