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The contents of the decomposing body (such as nitrogen) sink into the soil, and add to the life cycle. Plants flourish in such environments because of their need for nitrogen.

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Q: What happens to the soil when the dead bodies ofdead animals decompose?
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Eat of what is on earth, lawful and good"[Al-Qur'an 2:168]11. Over population of cattleIf every human being was a vegetarian, it would lead to overpopulation of cattlein the world, since their reproduction and multiplication is very swift. Allah (swt)in His Divine Wisdom knows how to maintain the balance of His creationappropriately. No wonder He has permitted us to have the meat of the cattle.12. Cost of meat is reasonable since all aren't non-vegetariansI do not mind if some people are pure vegetarians. However they should notcondemn non-vegetarians as ruthless. In fact if all Indians become nonvegetariansthen the present non-vegetarians would be losers since the pricesof meat would rise.