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The Potential energy decreases as r increases.

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Q: What happens to the value of the Gravitational Potential Energy of a system of objects as the value of r increases?
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What happens to the gravitational attraction of two objects when their distances increases?

It decreases as the square of the distance.

What increases when the gravitational forces increase?

the gravitational forces.Answer:As mass increases the gravitational force increases. Also, as the nearness of the objects increases the gravitational force increases, but this is usually thought of as the distance between the objects decreasing

What happens to the gravitational attraction between two objects if one or both objects acquires more mass?

As mass increases, so does the gravitational pull from the object.

Can gravitational potential energy be transferred between objects?

Yes. For example, this happens in a seesaw.

What energy is related to an objects height?

As height increases, so does gravitational potential energy.

What happens to the gravitational force between objects getting farther away A. it increases B. it decreases?


What happens to the gravitation force between two objects if the distance between them is dicreased?

In this case, the gravitational force increases.

What happens to the gravitational force between objects of the mass either or both objects increased?

Gravitational force is directly proportional to the product of masses. So as mass is increased then force too increases

If you multiply an objects weight by its height what value do it compute?

gravitational potential energy!!!!!!

What is related to an objects height?

Gravitational potential energy

6 Put the following objects in order of increasing gravitational potential energies?

They all have the same gravitational potential energies.

The gravitational force decreases as the between two objects increases?

Yes it does.