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When electricity flows through a wire, it turns the atoms into ions by moving the electrons inside those atoms.

Copper is one of the best 'conductors' of electricity because its electrons are very easily moved from atom to atom. When a wire is connected to electricity it takes on a 'positive' and 'negative' end. The electrons will always want to flow from the positive end to the negative end. This movement of electrons works the same way in most materials, but more or less amplified depending on the availability of 'free' - or easily moved - electrons. It is also the reason for the feeling we get across our bodies when we get an electric shock.

While materials that are good conductors have an availability of electrons to move, those that are good insulators are the opposite and instead have an excess of protons. Things like plastic, glass and paper are good insulators.

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What does current electricity mean?

Electricity that flows through wires and flows without stopping.

What flows through copper wires in electricity?

Anions and cations..

The electricity that flows in wires is called?

The electricity that flows in wires is called current, it is measured in amps.

Why don't train wires sag when electricity flows through them?

because electricity has no mass and therefore no weight. electricity is not a physical object

Does electricity flow through wires?

Electric current flows through wires, but to transmit electric power you need two wires with a voltage between them, connected to a power source.

What is the name of the electrically charged particles that move through metal wires when electricity flows?


When electricity flows wires into our home?

Electricity does not flow wires into your home, wires direct the flow of current into your home.

How does hydro electricity flow?

Hydro electricity is electricity generated by moving water, usually from dams nowadays. Electrical power is all the same. It flows through wires.

What property causes wires and coils to become hot when electricity flows through them?

Yes, so electricity simply flow through them.Most Wires and Coils have resistance. This resistance opposes the flow of Current. This opposition creates Heat.

Why do wires and coils become hot when electricity flows through them?

The heat is a by product of the current flowing through the wires and the coil windings. In a perfect world there would be no heat loss and the wires and coil would remain cool.

How electricity flows?

Electricity flows through wires. Negatively charged atoms will jump to positively charged atoms. They all jump really fast and it causes flow. Electricity flows only in A. An open circuit. B. A closed circuit. C. A magnet D. An incomplete circuit

What flows through wires?


How is energy delivered to you?

The energy for our body: From the food we eat. The energy for running the devices in our home: We receive it as electricity, which flows through wires.

Why is it advised to clean the ends of connecting wires before connecting them?

because electricity flows very nicely through copper but not so well through dirt.

What energy moves through wires in your home?

Electricity does work by the electric potential of its electrons, measured in volts, so electric potential energy is what flows through your wires to empower them with the ability to call things to life!

Does electricity move better through thick or thin wires?

Thick wires - they have less resistance. Electricity moves better through thin wires.

What is a form of energy that moves through wires?

Electricity moves through wires.

How do electricity flow through a simple circuit?

Electric current flows along wires, which are usually made of copper, a good electrical conductor.

Is air a conductor or and insulator?

insulator as when the wires of a circuit are disconnected no electricity flows.

What is machine which makes electricity?

The Machine That Makes Electricity Is Called A Generator You Spin It And Spin It With A magnet With Wires Wrapped Around It To Make a Shock That Flows Through A Wire To Power Your TV

Will electricity pass through wires?

Oh yes, electricity passes through wires. That is, in fact, the usual reason for having wires. Although wires can also be used to hang paintings.

How is electricity transmitted?

Electricity is transmitted through wires contains copper.

When electricity started?

When electricity is started it runs through a series of wires. These wires are responsible for powering your lights for example.

Why can't we see electricity?

Most of our electricity is made in power stations by machines called generators. Electricity is a kind of energy and it flows into our homes, schools and towns. It happens via the cables buried beneath our feet or wires hanging over our heads.

How is Electricity used to make magents?

electricity running through wires creates a small magnetic force, so wires are spooled and a current is run through them

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